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Yercaud hill station, one of the most beautiful hill station of India is located at Shevaroy Hills of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The hill station has the elevation of one thousand five hundred and fifteen meters. The striking scenic beauty along with a pleasant weather is what attracts the tourists mostly. Yercaud is seldom referred to as the poor man’s Ootacamund of Ooty because a holiday trip at this place is extremely affordable than that of Ooty. Yercaud is gradually gaining popularity with the foreigners as well as the local tourists. The literal meaning of this hill station means the Lake Forest. Yercaud hill station is famous for housing the plant species like orange, jack fruit, coffee, cardamom, guava and also black pepper. Coffee was first brought in by Mr. M.D. Cockburn in the year 1829 from the continent of Africa. This area is also the reserved forest which is enriched with a variety of flora and fauna, waiting to be unexplored.

The forests of Yercaud hill station have wood based trees like sandal, teak, sal and silver oaks. The wild animals found in this region comprises of deer, mongooses, foxes, bisons, squirrels, snakes, etc. The species of birds include kites, sparrows, bulbuls, swallows, etc. Yercaud faces extreme temperature conditions. So the tourists are advised to visit the place during the summers and avoid visiting the place during winter. Alongside sightseeing, the tourists can also enjoy trekking at Yercaud. If you are visiting the place during the months of May, you will be able to experience the summer festivals which comprises of many fairs, boat races, flower shows, dog shows, etc. Yercaud also has some good options of the historical places which one can find fascinating. The ancient history Yercaud is much unknown. It is popular that the Telugu Kings and the rulers had the first settlement. During the rule of the Britishers, Yercaud was discovered by Sir Thomas Muroe. He was the Governor of Madras Presidency.

Yercaud hill station

Photo by Subharnab

If you love to shop while holidaying, then Yercaud hill station is not the place for you. Although the place has some valuable items to offer to its tourists like perfumes, natural oils, soaps, skin care products, coffee, fruits, etc. Finding accommodation in this hill station is extremely easy because the hill station thrives on the revenue which is earned by serving the tourists. One can simply choose from the different luxurious resorts, hotels and several home stays offered by the local inhabitants. With the serene and calm valleys, picturesque landscapes and several other attractive spots for the tourists make the place the most affordable as well as the luxurious getaway for the urban people. There are so many convents and seminaries to look for in this place. The two of the most famous attractions for the tourists in the Yercaud town which are extremely beautiful are the Montfort School and the Sacred Heart Convent. Another vital attraction for the attraction is the Lady’s seat, children’s seat and the gent’s seats which are natural rocks situated on the top of the Yercaud hills.

The Yercaud hill station town is located at the elevation of four thousand and seven hundred feet above the level of the sea. In fact, Yercaud town is also a nice place for strolling in the evening. The three seats mention above the hills, overlooking the Ghat Road, Salem and Mettur Dam. According to the local folklore’s, an English girl would often spend time during sunset. Just for this way, this place has got the name. There is a viewing tower which is completed with a telescope, and it opens during the daytime. Other most popular tourist attractions are the Big Lake, Arthur’s Seat, Bear’s Cave, Anna Park, Botanical Garden, Sri Rajeshwari Temple, Servrayan Temple, and the Tipperary View Point.

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Yercaud hill station

Photo by Subharnab

The best time to visit Yercaud hill station is during any time of the year, but as said earlier, it is wise to avoid the place during the winters and also during the monsoon.  Below are the details of the best places for visiting at this place:

  • The Big Lake is the place where most of the action takes place. You can either go for a four-seater pedal boat, or you can also hire the rowing boats. Near the lake, there is Anna Park. This is an extremely well-groomed garden. You can also check out the Small Lake which is connected to the seven wells. This Small Lake is very close to the main town of Yercaud hill station.
  • The Ladies and Gents seat, as mentioned earlier, overlooks the spectacular view of Salem, the Mettur Dam. One can also shoot the great view of the river during the time of the late afternoon. At that time the spectacle is formed when the sun rays are reflected by the waters of the lake. Close to the Ladies’ seat, there is a silk farm and the Pagoda Point. This point is also known as the Gent’s seat. The Shevaroy temple and the Bear’s Cave are situated on the top of the Servarayon hill. It is situated on the highest point of the Yercaud hill at five thousand three hundred and twenty-six feet above the level of the sea. En route to the temple, just near the Norton Bungalow, which is the oldest in the town, is the Bear’s Cave situated. It is said to be the tunnel for escape built by a local Raja.
  • The botanical garden is the home of hundreds of plant species which includes the rarest species pitcher plants. One can also find the famous kurinji flower which blooms in every twelve years. This botanical garden has the orchid rium which is the third largest in India.
  • Yercaud has an extremely scintillating lake which has boundaries of the dense woody forests. The discovery credit of this place goes to the Britishers. En route to this place, the travelers have to pass through nearly twenty hairpin twists and turns of the rods. The coffee estate and the resorts date back to as back as in the year eighteen hundred AD. The bungalow of the Britishers is considered as heritage.
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Featured Photo by Subharnab

Yercaud Hill Station: The Best Place For Soul Searching

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