Wonderla, Kochi – A Scintillating Amusement Park In India

Wonderla Kochi is one of the largest amusement parks in India. The park offers almost 56 scintillating rides and is the most thrilling wonders of the city. Both water rides and land rides with their craziness, captivate the visitors.

Wonderla Holidays Limited, headquartered near Bengaluru, has opened three amusement parks under the Wonderla banner. The chain is spread across three prominent cities of Kochi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Spread across an area of 82 acres of land, Wonderla Kochi was ranked eleventh in the TripAdvisor ‘Travellers’ choice of awards for amusement parks and water parks in Asia. Set up in 2000, it was designed and architected by Joseph John. The park is owned by Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, a renowned businessman and philanthropist.

The park is opened daily from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on public holidays till 7:00. It is situated on Kakkanad Pallikara Road in Kumarapuram, near to State Highway 41. Several Kerala State Transport Corporation Volvo buses operate across various parts of Kochi to Wonderla. The nearest railway station is Kochi Centre Railway Station, at a distance of 18.8 km from the park. The nearest airport is Kochi International Airport, approximately 26 km from the park. You can also hire a private cab or auto-rickshaw or ride in your car to reach the park.

Wonderla Kochi, A Closer Look

The Rides

The park hosts electrifying fun-filled rides with the Wave Pool, Rain Disco, Adventures of Chikku, Rapid River, Boomerang, Snake Slides, Water Pendulum and many more. There are 22 adrenaline stimulating water rides and 34 exhilarating land-based rides. An “XD MAX” show and Musical Fountain Laser Show add to the grandeur of the thrills.

The Splendid Shows

The most attractive show of the park is an air-conditioned theatre to experience the XD MAX effect. It is a combo of a 3D film with super engulfing physical and environmental effects. The visitors experience a real-life effect with the water splashes, rhythmic movements and the wind blows in this state-of-the-art ride.

If you want to check out on your courage level, then the park offers Balarama Cave. The cave is an eerie haunting place full of witches, ghosts, skeletons and evil spirits. You can experience soul-stirring phenomena with the night creatures and phantoms whizzing past as you move along the cave path.

A spectacular Musical Fountain and Laser show with the dazzling laser lights, the dancing springs, and mellifluous music entertains the visitors. The lights are wonderfully synchronized with the music and the fountain. It is India’s only indoor musical fountain, offering a superb display of lights in the waters.

A 3D show enchants the visitors where the monkey Chikku welcomes you on its adventurous treasure hunt journey. The show will drive you through dense forests accompanied by Dolby sounds, power blowers, and hydraulic seats. The jungle will entertain the audience with its calm and beautiful atmosphere.

The Thrilling Land Rides

The giant Sky Wheel offers a bird’s eye view of the entire park and the places around it. The 30-meter diameter wheel is situated atop the roof of the Vintage Castle wherein lifts escort the visitors to the top of the castle.

Dashing cars striking and bumping against each other and a troupe of small cars dancing with the melodious beats of the music entertain and uplift the spirits of both adults and kids of all ages. The dancing fun continues with the Dancing Wheel as the riders move in a circular motion up and down spinning around its axis.

There are three more stimulating rides amusing the visitors. The Rockin’ Tug, a unique and innovative ride, moving with whirls, twists and rocking motions. The Flying Boat, offering an amazing experience as it sways to and fro in the air. The Wind Mill, an oscillating boxed cage swinging in different directions in both clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.

The Intensifying Rides for the Braveheart 

You can experience India’s first reverse looped roller coaster, the Recoil, in Wonderla. Imported from the Netherlands this action-packed ride accelerates upward through multiple loops and repeats the same action backward with the same velocity. Partnering with Recoil is Equinox 360, the electrifying ride that twists and turns the riders into 360 degrees round.

Have you ever thought of being spin around in a whirlwind?  The Twin Flip Monster inside the park premises brings you the similar experience. It is solely driven by two gigantic robotic arms that rise to a height of 10 meters. The riders sit inside the capsules located at the end of the arms similar to a fan’s blades. The arms move up and down spinning and spiraling like a whirlwind.

There are three more rides charming the audience. The Flash Tower dropping the riders at a sudden jerking speed, the Super Jumper where the riders are moved up and down along the spokes of a bespoke wheel and the Space Gun.

The Electrifying Water Rides 

The park hosts Rain Disco, the “intelligent rain system” unique in India. The dancers shake their legs with the 10,000-watt high-intensity captivating music coupled with laser lights and choreographed showers.

The Wonderla mascot Chikku accompanies the riders through the exhilarating ride, Wonderla Bamba. The ride moves in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions with unanticipated accelerations and brisk drops. It pairs up with Maverick, the electrifying adrenaline-rushing ride, twirling, swiveling, spinning and turning in all possible directions.

Feel the magic of swimming in a sea and drift across the waters inside the Wave Pools. Both kids and adults can quench their heart’s desire in the shallow pools with water splashes and the artificial waves.

If you want to enjoy the daunting velocity of the water slides then get aboard the rafts in the Wonder Splash. The riders are pulled under tension up on a hill through a conveyor and tunnel. The tension is suddenly released and the raft zooms down the hill inclination at a lightning speed and splashes into a pool. The Boomerang couples up with Wonder Splash to offer the similar stimulating sensational effects. The ride floats you into a closed tunnel steadily, only to slide you with a deafening speed into a large water pool.

You can undergo a nonstop thrilling experience with the Rapid River and the Water Coasters. With 10 water pools interconnected with each other, the Rapid River has a five-headed hydra spewing water on the riders floating and drifting with the rafts. Equipped with four different water slides, the Water Coasters delights the riders through its fun-filled slopes and loops.

 And the Thrill continues…

The excitement does not end here. The park continues to dazzle the visitors with more captivating rides. The Wavy and Vertical Fall and the Snake Slides hoovering around curves and bends mesmerize the adventure seeking riders. The visitors experience a natural waterfall effect in the Water Falls zone. The water bounces along the steep edges of the rocks and showers its cool waters on all. Aboard a rubber raft the riders glide up and down in the Water Pendulum to feel the oscillatory effects of a clock.

The Family Rides 

The park hosts rides where you can enjoy with your family members. The Fun Glides with its combination of 8 water slides can encourage your family for a racing spree. The riders board the rubber mats, to bump along several obstructions and ultimately land on a plain surface amid splashing waters. If you want to float in water in a rubber raft together with your family members you can do that comfortably in the Family slide. The raft glides along with the meandering loops and splashes into the shallow pool, drenching the riders with the water sprays

The park also has a set of 3 play pools spattering water into the visitors in all possible directions. Sprayers and sprinklers are in abundance in the area, offering a scintillating experience to people of all ages.

The Kiddie Rides 

The park hosts couple of fun rides for the kids, hopping along through the termite land. The Caterpillar Coaster and Cater Pillar Train hops and skips and turns around the artificial circles, sides, and hills.

The other interesting ride for the kids is the Fire Brigade. It is equipped with 6 fire trucks with two-person to sit inside and place atop the truck for rescue fighters. The kids as firefighters stand and aim their water cannons to put off the fire in the building at the center of the ride. The kids happily engage in extinguishing the mimicked fire with the interactive highly developed water guns.

There are several other rides especially for the toddlers and the kids – Convoy, Flying Ammu, Happy Kangaroo, Jumping Horses, Castle Jet, Kiddies Wheel, Pirate Ship, Magic Plane, Jumping Frog, and Pony Train.

Rain Water Harvesting

In addition to the rides, Wonderla management has a significant contribution to rainwater harvesting and maintaining an eco-friendly environment. There are numerous trees inside the park. The rainwater accumulated during the monsoons is utilized for the water rides after proper filtration and purity treatment. Solar energy is leveraged to heat the water in the swimming pools and kitchen.

Wonderla Kochi with its epitome of wonder rides is a perfect weekend getaway, attracting hordes of visitors throughout the year.

Featured Photo of ‘Giant Wheel’ by Swaminathan under CC BY 2.0

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