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Why Navlakha Palace In Rajnagar Is Of Tremendous Historical Significance?

Also known as the Rajnagar Palace, Navlakha Palace in Patna is one of the most prominent places in Rajnagar. It was a Brahmin royal palace in Rajnagar’s town which is near Madhubani. This particular palace was constructed by Darbhanga’s Maharaja Rameshwar Singh. If you aim at knowing more about the palace and whether or not it is a safe idea to visit the palace, here’s what you need to know.

A Looking back at Navlakha Palace’s Bygone Days

A palace holds a special place in your heart, only when you love the mysteries of historical monuments and places. The Navlakha Palace was constructed by Rameshwar Singh who was Darbhanga Maharaja’s younger brother. The palace was built between the year 1884 and 1929 in order to serve as the administrative capital of Darbhanga Raj. According to the Navlakha Palace location, the complex Navlakha palace covers a total of 610 ha, i.e., 1,500 acres. It includes round about 11 temples to goddesses and gods and other forts too. During the Bihar–Nepal earthquake in 1934, the Navlakha Palace near Madhubani had suffered from damages, however, was never reconstructed then! Since it has undergone through several damages, tourists aren’t entitled to pay a visit to the place.

What’s Its Present Condition?

The present condition of the palace is that it has been owned by Darbhanga Maharaj. Right after the damage in the year 1934, the palace didn’t get repaired. And right now, it is suffering from encroachment. However, local people here have already demanded to turn this place into a tourist spot. The Navlakha Palace doesn’t restrict its travelers to pay a visit to the spot. To know more, keep reading on.

What to do when you’re near the palace?

If you pay a visit to Madhubani and stay in the Rajnagar village, you can roam around the Navlakha Palace in Patna. The palace is at proximity to the Kamala River. The entrance of this palace houses the Durga Bhawan. Mithila Art is a dominating art form which can be seen inscribed on the walls of the palace. You can also get a glimpse of the Kali temple dedicated to Goddess Kali right to its north. A seven-storey tower is also present right at the heart of the palace. Upon your visit to the palace, you can get a close glimpse of the pond which is surrounded by the garden that is located at the palace’s north. You can get inside the palace to get a glimpse of the rooms of deities or Gosauni Ghar. You can also get a close look at the paintings and temples of the Goddesses. The weather here usually ranges from 31°C to 35°C during the summer and 9°C to 23°C during the winter.

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What’s next?

You can worship the idol in the Chandrachuda Temple and pray for your wellbeing. Alternatively, a visit to Jnana Mandir can also be a safer bet! Navlakha Palace near Madhubani has a beautiful natural atmosphere that you can get a glimpse of when you visit the Rajnagar village. Since Navlakha Palace location is also convenient, you would have no problem to go there.

Featured Photo of ‘Naulakha Palace ‘ by Bernard Gagnon under CC BY-SA 3.0

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