Why Nagthat Is A Must-Traveled Place In Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand has always been one of the favorite places for any travel bug who loves to explore the mountains. After all, there’s nothing not to love about the sight of those lofty peaks, the snowy mornings, and the warmth of local people of the region. And, if you are searching for an offbeat destination to explore in the hill state, Nagthat can be your perfect getaway.

Located at a distance of about 78 km from Dehradun, the largest city of the state, this quaint little hill station has a lot to offer, if you are looking for tourist places near Dehradun within 100 km. With the elevation of 1, 646 meters, you not only get spectacular and grand views of the towering peaks from here, but also get the opportunity to visit different popular tourist spots in Chakrata.

Ways to reach Nagthat

There is no denying the fact that Nagthat is still not that much of a popular destination as Mussoorie or Dehradun. But, don’t let that give you the idea that it is difficult to reach. The best way to reach this hill station is on road. Hire a cab from Mussoorie and take the Chakrata road to reach your destination within two hours. You can reach here directly from the Pantnagar Airport as well, if you hire a cab from there and take NH734. It will take you at least nine hours to reach the hill station.

Reasons to explore the hill station

Of course, you will love exploring hill stations if you are someone whose heart yearns for a glimpse of the mountains and all its beauty. But, for that purpose, why not choose the other popular destinations of Uttarakhand and go for this quaint hill station? Well, the reason is that the serenity you’ll find in here is hardly found in those other overcrowded tourist places near Dehradun within 100 km. Perhaps that is also the reason why this place gets its fair share of honeymooners!

Secondly, many of the renowned tourist destinations, like Bisoi and Laksiyar, are really close to the place. You can easily get to the places to visit in Jaunsar from here. So, it is like getting the popular spots near at hand, but also staying away from the crowd: the perfect vacation, right?

Places to visit from the hill station

As you are busy walking down the pretty, winding roads of the hamlet and enjoying the warm hospitality of the local people, you can also take some time out to go ahead and take a look at these tourist spots nearby.

Bisoi Mahasu Devta Temple: This one is an ancient temple located in the Bisoi village nearby. The shrine is dedicated to the chief deity of this village, Mahasu Devta, who is known as the God of Justice. Apart from visiting this beautiful temple, you can also explore the village, which has traditional houses made of timber and stone, surrounded by lush greenery and the mighty Himalayas making the perfect background.

The village of Viraatkhai: One of the most famous places to visit in Jaunsar, this one is as much known for its beautiful views as it is for its unique traditions. The village gets the name from King Viraat. Yes, the same King Viraat whose mention you find in the Mahabharata as the one who let the Pandavas stay while they were in exile. Strange enough, the village still follows the tradition of Panchali, whereby the brothers of a family marry the same woman. The villagers believe that this tradition keeps the family together.

The serene Tiger Falls: Tiger Falls is this magnificent waterfall that is a favorite among the trekkers, as well as the families looking for a nice picnic spot. This waterfall of fifty meters converges in a nice and pretty pond below. The gurgling of the water echoes through lush forests all around, and it is a truly calm and serene place to visit on your trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for your trip to this offbeat gem of Uttarakhand today!

Featured Photo of ‘the morning mist…’ by lensnmatter under CC BY 2.0

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