What To Expect When Visiting Ranikhet: The Gem Of Uttarakhand

Amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Uttarakhand, at an altitude of 1, 869 m, lays a pretty little place that is the perfect destination for anyone looking to rejuvenate the mind and soul. Ranikhet, a popular tourist destination of the Kumaon Region, comes with all the beauty and tranquility that you associate with a hill station. In spite of being commercialized to a considerable extent, this town has not forgotten its charm, and that’s what draws in the traveling hearts. Nature still blankets it with all its beauty and sojourning here is an experience of a lifetime. And, without further ado, let’s get to know a bit more about visiting Ranikhet: the Kumaoni gem.

Visting Ranikhet: How to get there

Ranikhet is pretty well-connected to the major cities and towns in Uttarakhand. You will get both buses and flights from Delhi to reach this hill station. The nearest airport to Ranikhet is Pantnagar Airport, which is located at a distance of 114 km from the hill station. You can also travel by train till Kathgodam Railway Station, and from there, you can take buses or shared cabs when visiting Ranikhet.

The best time to visit

Like any other hill station in Uttarakhand, Ranikhet has the most pleasant weather during the summer months, when Ranikhet temperature ranges from 10°C-22°C. Though tourists have started visiting this hill station even during the monsoons, it is best to avoid that because the trails and roads are too slippery. Ranikhet temperature in winter often dip to zero degree and below and you can expect to see snowfall during this time.

Top five must-visit places

Ranikhet is not all about hills and trekking, and there are some really beautiful temples, gardens, and museums in here. Here are your top five must-visit places in here.

1. Ram Mandir

Climbing a short flight of stairs would bring you at the doorstep of Ram Mandir, one of the most revered shrines in Ranikhet. The temple sits pretty over a green hillock and the views that will greet you from all around are breathtaking. You are sure to have seen this place in the images of Ranikhet sightseeing.

2. Jhula Devi Mandir

Jhula Devi Mandir lies very close to Ram Mandir, and you can see both these places in one day. You’ll have to hike from the Ranikhet bus stand to reach the temple, or you can hire cabs to reach the nearest village of Chaubatia near Ranikhet. The temple remains open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3. Ashiyana Park

The park has recently become a popular hangout spot for the tourists of the region. This place also has a nice, clean lake named Rani Jheel, where you can go for boat rides. If you are visiting with children, then Ashiyana Park is a must-visit.

4. Chaubatia Gardens

Situated at a distance of eight kilometers from the Sadar area, Chaubatia Garden dates back to the colonial times. If you want a different kind of experience, take a guided tour in this garden at Chaubatia near Ranikhet and get to know more about the plants and trees in here.

5. Bhalu Dam

A forest trek of three kilometers from Chaubatia Gardens will bring you to a place of spellbinding beauty. The walk through the wilderness and the serenity of the sound of the falling water come together to form a relaxing combination. Sit on the banks in quiet reflection or take a boat ride in the water. Click a few images of Ranikhet sightseeing from here.

Things to do while at the hill station

Expect to have plenty of things to do at Ranikhet, apart from only sightseeing and enjoying the views. If you are into golfing, you should head towards the Upat Golf course, situated at six kilometers from Ranikhet. Maintained by the Indian Army, this nine-hole golf course is the perfect place to brush up your skills.

You should also remember to visit Majkhali, a small hamlet from where you get breathtaking views of Mount Trishul and Nanda Devi, and other snow clad Himalayan peaks. Lastly, visit Naukuchiatal located at forty kilometers from Ranikhet to partake in activities like paragliding, kayaking, zorbing, or zipping.

Featured Photo of ‘Himalayan Foothills, Ranikhet’ by Rahul Chhiber under CC BY-ND 2.0

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