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Wedding Rituals Series: The Classy Malayalee Wedding

Malayalee weddings are amongst the simplest weddings in India. These are very simply performed with not much noise and extra show off. Malayalee weddings are pleasant to watch. These weddings are performed according to the traditional rituals of the Malayalee society.

The wedding is strictly performed as per their old customs and rituals. These are very classy and enchanting. They do not have that much long list of rituals to perform as the other weddings in India. The groom and the bride’s dresses are not that much shiny or heavy but are very elegant and very classy. We should know about India’s this not so “big fat wedding” and the rituals of it.

Pre-wedding rituals:

The very first ritual in a Malayalee wedding is matching the horoscopes of both, the bride and groom. This ritual is known as Muhurutham. Based on the horoscope, the dates for engagement and the wedding are fixed. Next comes Nischayam, commonly known by the name of the engagement ceremony. Under the presence of family members and close relatives, this small affair is organized, in which the bride and the groom exchange rings with each other. One day before the wedding a feast is arranged at the respective homes of the couple, where traditional vegetarian food is served, and they visit a nearby temple with their family to take blessings of the Almighty.

Wedding rituals:

Before marriage, the bride and the groom used to take blessings from their elders at their respective homes. The bride wears a two-piece saree known as set saree with a lot of gold jewelry. Usually, the saree is white with heavy golden border and zari work on it. Also, wear jasmine flowers in her hair. The groom wears a white silk shirt with a dhoti and a lot of gold ornaments.

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With the pleasant sound of traditional Malayalee music, the groom is welcomed by the bride’s family at the venue. Bride’s brother washes the feet of the groom, and the groom gifts him some gold ornament. The bride takes three rounds of the mandap and sits there, later accompanied by the groom. In Malayalee wedding ceremony is known as “veil” and is performed under the presence of a priest. The groom ties thaali around the neck of the bride.

Then the couple exchange garlands with each other. The bride’s father then performs Kanyadan and gives his daughter’s hand to the groom. Both move around the mandap thrice. The groom puts sindoor in the bride’s hair, and she puts sandalwood on his forehead. The couple takes blessings of all present there.

Post wedding rituals:

After marriage, the groom’s family throws a reception party to welcome the bride to their family. Next ceremony is Grihapravesham. The bride is welcomed at the groom’s house by his maternal sister, who perform aarti with a traditional lamp. Then she hands over the lamp to the bride, and the bride enters the house with that burning lamp. A mixture of sweet milk and banana is served to the couple. The next day the couple visit the bride’s house where a feast is arranged for them.

Featured Photo of ‘And more Malayalee traditions’ by Sunil under CC BY 2.0

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