Water Kingdom, Mumbai – Largest Water Park In Asia

Essel World is a leading business organization specializing in diversified business activities related to entertainment, media, education, infrastructure, and technology. Water Kingdom is one of its fabulous creations, spreading over an area of 22 acres of land. The water park has the capacity to support 90 lakh litres of water.

The park is opened daily from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM and is well accessible by car, train, ferry services and bus. If you want to enjoy the spectacular picturesque landscapes then drive through the Western Express Highway to reach the park.

The nearest railway station is Malad and Borivali. From Malad (west) you also avail buses or auto rickshaws to reach Marve-Malad. From Borivali (west) too you can avail buses or auto rickshaws to reach Gorai-Borivali. Ferry services are also available from Gorai-Borivali every 15 minutes and from Marve-Malad every 30 minutes except between 3 – 6 PM. Private and public bus services are available in plenty from Ambarnath-Panvel and Ulhasnagar-Bhayandar.

Photo of ‘EsselWorld’ by Martin Lewison under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Water Rides

World’s Largest Wave Pool

The Water Kingdom hosts Wetlantic, the largest wave pool in the world spreading across a space of 100 meters. The astonishing pool with cool blue waters, flourishing gardens, glittering fountains and magical artistic constructions enthrall the visitors. The serene waters with the mild rolling waves captivate the water adventure enthusiasts. You can also experience the Jungle Beach portraying the image of a Jungle within the waving waters. The Love Boats sway you down the turquoise blue waters and chill our hearts. The Cascade Caves is another adventurous ride to drift across caves in the pool. You can experience the beautiful view of the park from the Baywatch Towers.

India’s Largest Aqua Pool

The park is also the home for India’s largest aqua pool, the Lagoon. Spread across an area of 30,000 square feet, it entertains visitors of all ages with its spectacular ten different water rides. The special attraction is a 500 liter of elephant bucket splashing and splattering water to drench the visitors as it tumbles down from a height.

The Unique and Crazy Rides

The adventure enthusiasts are sure to witness a scintillating experience with the tallest vertical drop in India, What-A-Coaster, present inside the park premises. The ride is bound to drive the crowd crazy with its high-velocity drops, sky screamers, and jolts.

Well since its Water Kingdom, you would really be interested to feel the essence of rain and the sizzling sensation of a beach. The Bratzone will present you the spectacular experience with its Aquadrome – the rain dance zone, shallow Coco Beach and replicating the famous film Mamma Miya. Aquadrome enthralls the visitors with its mesmerizing enchantments. The essence of an overcast sky, the drizzling showers coupled with the dazzling dance floor attracts all irrespective of age. A splendid display of laser lights, vibrant music, and rain showers creates a mystic atmosphere in the zone. Coco Beach and Mamma Miya add to the delight offering fun-filled water activities with splashers and sprinklers.

What is in an amusement if the kids are not entertained and contemplated? The Goofers Lagoon is the answer. It hosts a multi-purpose water play system with water guns, spinning trays, 400-litre tilting buckets, splash roof and an inverted umbrella to fascinate the kids. Along with the kids, the adults can also indulge into this charming and amusing ride.

Adventures Amazonia

Amazon, the tropical and prominent rain forest in the world, allures the wild life enthusiasts from all over the world. Well if you have not visited it yet, you can feel the similar stimulating experience inside the Safari Zone of the park. There are three rides inside the zone premises. The Elephant Safari rafting where you can float in the rafts in the midst of the replica of elephants. The Serpent Safari rafting along the water slides through several twists and turns. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Safari will take you through short tunnels and meandering curves to eventually splash into a water pool.

Other Attractions

There are few other Attractions in the park which entice the visitors. If you want to soothe your tired feet after walking through the park pathways, then you can visit the fish pedicure corner. You can dip your feet inside a pool of water flocked with toothless fish. The fish swim across to remove the dead skin off your feet and provide an appeasing effect.

The visitors spend an entire day in the park relishing the thrilling environment in the park. To soothe the tired soul, the park has many restaurants and food joints. The famous among them are TaiPan Chinese restaurant, Eat n Splash, Fun Sip, Hangout, Kabab Corner, Hunger Thrill, Dip n Sip, Ohh Mumbai, Dominos Pizza, Kwality Walls, Food Wharf and Pepsi stalls.

Water Kingdom with its aura of exclusive water rides and activities is a perfect weekend getaway for the locals as well as the visitors. While touring through Mumbai, it is a must entry into the bucket list.

Featured Photo of ‘Entrance’ by Mohit S under CC BY 2.0

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