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Want To Visit Brahma Temple In Goa – A Look Back At Its History

Goan temples have garnered immense popularity over the years. Hence, visiting a Goan temple has become a mandatory affair when anyone pays a visit to the Pearl of the Orient. If you happen to be a religious person, then a visit to a Goan temple might be really pleasing for you. After all, you get to learn so many things about the religious spot and Goa overall! The lives of Goan people are also related to the festivals and temples ion the spot. In a nutshell, the experience is not only pleasing but also remarkable for a lifetime! Now that you have come up in this travel guide and currently reading more to know about Brahma Temple in Goa, here’s presenting the historical significance of the place among the temples in Goa!

A Look Back at the Bygone Days of Brahma Temple in Goa

Brahma is the legendary character in mythology responsible for creating this world! This Holy Hindu trinity was supposed to have only one temple in the land of Pushkar which is located in Rajasthan. But little does everyone know about the fact that there’s another Brahma temple in Goa tucked away in Nagargao remote village in Valpoi.

Elegant and tall, the statue of Brahma resides here in this temple. Legends have it that the statue blesses everyone who comes and worships him! Brahma’s amazing chiseled image has been dated to the Kadamba period, and it belongs to 12th century right away!

The temple’s importance is known to everyone who visits the Brahma temple. The idol is seen in the original piece of the sculpture chiseled out of the black stone during the Kadamba period. The interior of the temple features the idol of Lord Brahma standing tall and elegant right at the center of it. Wearing a beard, Brahma is shown here in the form of Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswar.

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The Brahma temple is considered as one the most amazing temples in Goa which was built in 16th century when the Tiswadi island got conquered by Portuguese. According to the history of the temple, it was conquered by Portuguese and there happened to be fear of this particular temple’s destruction.

Therefore, in the year 1541, Lord Brahma’s devotees soon smuggled this deity out of the village in the Old Goa. This didn’t come under the rule of Portuguese.

Under Portuguese, Sattari Taluka came in the year 1781. The devotees took Brahma’s idol to the village of Valpoi to the dense forest of Nagargaon and then installed the Lord’s image in the small shrine on stream’s bank! This later appeared to be familiar as the deity and village of the origin. Therefore, the Brahma Karmali name came into being.

If you aim at worshiping this idol, be prepared to get the close glimpse of the temple! Among all the Goan temples, this might give you an opportunity to capture the great image of the Brahma’s idol in Brahma Temple in Goa.

Featured Photo of ‘om, omkareshwar’ by nevil zaveri under CC BY 2.0

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