Wagah Border, The Connecting Link Between Two Countries

Indian and Pakistan are two countries that share a long history amongst themselves since the time of partition. They both have their share of ups and downs in their relationship, but what excites people the most is the Wagah border ceremony.

The Connecting Link Between Two Countries

The Wagah or Wahga border is located in a village called Wahga. TWagahgah border is the crossing point between India and Pakistan. It is 29kms from the town of Lahore on the Pakistan side and 27km from Amritsar, Punjab from the Indian side. These two towns are the closest to the Wagah border. This is the only crossing point between both the countries that is opened frequently for foreigners. The Wagah border ceremony is held every day 2 hours before the sunset.

Wagah Border photo
“Lowering of the flag” ceremony @ Wagah Border @ Pakistan by Guilhem Vellut under CC BY 2.0

Traveling to this place is very easy by road and is the most preferred mode of transport. From Lahore station, one can take a bus or taxi to reach this place. A minibus no. 4 leaves from outside of the Lahore railway station every 15 minutes. It can take up to 30 minutes to reach the Wagah border. Similarly, from Amritsar station, the travel time can take up to 45 minutes to reach the Wagah border. There are regular buses that can reach you till Attari station and the last 3 km stretch can be completed by taking a cycle rickshaw. Most tourists prefer taking a taxi from their hotels directly to the Wagah border. The place is very popular with tourists. Hence a number of taxi services are always available to you.

Witness History And Beauty Together

The Wagah border ceremony is a beautiful sight to witness and all those who have visited this place can’t get enough of it. The event, the atmosphere, and the visuals are bound to stay with you for many years once this place has been visited. It is one of the most popular tourist’s spots not only in India but in Pakistan also. More than the local nationals, we get to see many foreigners who are always very interested to come and see the Wagah border ceremony.

It is uncommon to see close to a thousand people witnessing this event on a daily basis. There is no entry fee and it is free for everyone to watch this ceremony from the Indian side. Across the Pakistan border, there is a ticket price of 10 rupees. Once the ceremony gets over the place becomes dark very soon. In a matter of 15 minutes the place becomes dark and with the crowd around, it becomes difficult to locate your car parking place.

There is also usually no mobile signal at this place, so it is impossible to call up your driver and locate the car. One also cannot carry any bags along with them, so they need to make sure all their stuff is kept away in the car. For one to watch the ceremony right from the beginning they have to make sure to reach the place well in advance, since it can take up to 30 minutes to pass all the security checks. It is beautiful and a must visit place for everyone.

Featured Photo: Women Power at Wagah by Koshyk under CC BY 2.0

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