Visiting The Pristine Serolsar Lake – What To Expect

5 kilometers away from the Jalori Pass, there flows the pristine and tranquil Serolsar Lake. For locals, this one’s a revered spot, since a temple is adjacent to this lake. The lake surrounds itself by the gigantic mountains, making up a perfect social-media-worthy photo.

To say that the lake’s water is also presumed to have medicinal properties is to quote the things that local people believe. Reaching the lake includes hiking 2-hour hike from Jalori Jot. There’s a motorable connecting the place to cabs, buses, and taxis.

Folklore of Serolsar Lake

En route the hike, you are going to meet locals who have so many tales to tell you. Ask them about the place, and you will hear interesting narrations from them. As per beliefs, the birds clean up this lake.

Once upon a time, birds inhabited the place & made the nests in surrounding trees. Obviously, the twigs used to fall and make lake dirtier. The nearby temple is dedicated to Budhi Nagin, so snakes would come and worship the deity inside. So, when they came, they disliked the dirtiness of the lake. So, the only way to clea it the messes up was by gobbling down the birds’ eggs.

This resulted in a decrease in the overall population of birds here in this region.  The birds came to know about this and pleaded to the deity for help. As soon as she came for help, an understanding got built up. The snakes would never attempt at attacking the birds or babies. And, the birds would always clean up the lake if they find anything dirty. This agreement is still on, and the birds are believed to clean up all the mess in the lake.

En route to Serolsar Lake

The hike comparatively is easier than other hikes in this region. However, one should always bring the water bottles as well as wear a comfy pair of shoes. It is better to avoid the route in darks as it can get riskier. You can start your journey in the morning and finish it by daylight itself.

Surrounded by dense forests, this hike will take you through places home to the diversifying flora & fauna. Walking through narrow trails, you will find tiny flowers & chirping birds to greet you in the region

Budhi Nagin temple

You will see Budhi Nagin temple here. It happens to be red in color. It is an edifice in the midst of the hills.

Camping at Serolsar Lake

You will enjoy a great experience while camping near the lake. Spend one night in the camp here. Also, be ready to embrace chilly winds here. The small café offer tents at affordable rates. They offer simple and tasty food as well.

Dos and Don’ts at Serolsar Lake

There are a couple of things that visitors should keep in mind because sentiments of locals are associated with it.

  • Serolsar Lake happens to be a holy lake. So don’t litter place
  • It is best advised to respect local traditions & enter the Budhi Nagin temple bare feet
  • Consumption of alcohol or cigarettes must be avoided

You can spend half an hour in this spot before moving to stalls where you will find the best version of Meri Maggi. The piping hot noodles with colorful veggies & hot tea will be divine.

On your way back, the hike is going to be a bit more complicated. So take care of that. The chirping birds will tear the silence of jungles to give you a magical experience. The flora and fauna is so rich that it’s a perfect sight to say goodbye to the solace experience. Before entering the humdrum of daily life, do remember that these experiences come once in a lifetime. Do not forget to grab one!

Featured Photo of ‘Serolsar (8)’ by Travelling Slacker under CC BY 2.0

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