Visit The Biggest Market In West Delhi – JwalaHeri

If you have been in Delhi or have friends and family in that town, you would have heard of the iconic Lajpat Market. Unquestionably every single shopaholic loves Lajpat, but it is never a bad idea to explore more when it comes to shopping, isn’t it? No, I do not want you or anyone to say bye to Lajpat, I just would like to draw your attention to another shopping destination which can be worth exploring. Now if you are willing to head out shopping, visit JwalaHeri Market located in Paschim Vihar.

The biggest market In West Delhi – JwalaHeri

It would not be wrong to call the JwalaHeri market the very heart of Delhi’s Paschim Vihar. It is one of the busiest market areas in Delhi and mainly popular for its clothing, jewelry and accessories, computers, and the very scrumptious food. JwalaHeri may look congested, but this full of life bustling market is the best place to find cheerful stuff at cheap prices.

Ok, no more waiting, lets jump straight into the shopping guide. Let me take you through some of the best places to shop. Ok foodies, we got you covered too 😊.

Let’s Begin With Shopping For The Shopaholics:

A dimension ahead
Photo of ‘A dimension ahead’ by Priyadarshi Ranjan under CC BY-SA 2.0


Well, I heard a lot about Bharti Bhavya, a jewelry designer who creates some of the most beautiful pom-pom earrings. Wearing one of her creations will make you look totally stunning. If you are looking for trendy stuff that is totally different, head to the back of the market. Wedding Jewellery to daily wear stuffs this lane has everything in the store.

Another piece of jewellery that you should pick up from this market is a glamourous necklace. There are several stores along the street side from where you can buy a few of the most amazing necklaces that can make you look like a fashionista.

Attractive Dupattas

I love to play with different colours and mix-match when it comes to dupattas; why not? This adds a totally diverse element to the entire outfit you are wearing. JwalaHeri market offers gorgeous stoles and dupattas for as low as rupees 50 to rupees 100. And the tip on the iceberg is that you can bargain further, provided you know the art :P. The lane that comes after the right-most entrance of JwalaHeri has several vendors selling stunning Dupattas to match your attire.

Kolhapuris And Punjabi Juttis

Yes, beautiful juttis and classic Kolhapuris make this market a must-visit – they are the perfect recipe for your happy feet. From classic Kolhapuris in a wide variety of colours to musical juttis, here is a sure shot recipe for your lucky feet. We know that Kolhapuris can be worn over every casual outfit, isn’t it; and juttis are a style statement these days and are being worn not just on salwar kameez but even jeans. Hop around and grab one for you.


Just behind the shoe shop in a small pathway is a stall that sells amazing bags. High-quality trendy bags at totally great prices that will sure awe-strike you. Totes, duffle, wallets, to clutches – you will definitely find the bag suiting any outfit and event.

Home Decor

JwalaHeri hosts a shop called PK Shoppe, the lane beside this shop leads to a totally new area of the market which deals in home décor stuff. Tons of kitchen and bathroom accessories; I loved the mugs and the collection of the cutest soup bowls. You would love to add them to your kitchen collection. Surprisingly, the price of the kind of stuff is quite reasonable, and with the option, to bargain, you surely land up buying more. Do look upon the beautiful showpieces, these will elevate the décor of your home.

And After All That Shopping – One Delicious Break

After roaming around the hustling and bustling streets of JwalaHeri market, you would be hungry – so feeding your tummy a scrumptious meal is a must. Here is a walkthrough to what you need to try to beat your hunger calls.

You will come across quite a few chaat corners on the crowded gallis of JwalaHeri Market. Do not miss the delectable Golgappas, well if you are a die-hard street food lover you will not be able to ignore these chaat corners for sure. And yes, along with scrumptious golgapas do try your personal favorite chaat.

Another must-try here is the Naan Thalis; surprisingly, these taste amazing and come amazingly affordable. These small food joints offer these thalis and give you the freedom of choosing from an array of vegetable curries – And yes! You can have unlimited refills. Well, if you can move a few more miles, Baljeet’s Amritsari Kulcha is going to blow your taste buds off. Their massive portions are going too full your tummy with all the goodness.

In the end…. Do not forget to grab some cool mocktail. In the middle of the market, there is one bakery shop called P K Shoppe, this is exactly where you can find your iced savoir to beat the summer heat.


This market is closed on Wednesdays, so plan your visit on other days. Also, I recommend heading to JwalaHeri market during the morning hours – you can avoid some crowd in that way.

This is it, trust me JwalaHeri is so much more than just these words. Try exploring it and you are bound to become a fan like I did. So, go ahead and plan your shopping session with your family or friends. Do let us know what you shopped in the comments section below.

Featured Photo of ‘Delhi,2014’ by Nijguna Shamanur under CC BY 2.0

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