Visit Tehri Lake And Experience Nature’s Serenity

Travellers and backpackers ardently seek for exotic destinations to fulfil their wanderlust desire. Tehri in Uttarakhand is one such divine place engulfing the minds of nature lovers with its mesmerizing wonders. The key attraction of this small town is the heavenly Tehri Lake. The lake is an awesome combo of nature’s exotic beauty and thrilling adventure.

A peaceful abode, the lake presents mystic views of the majestic mountain ranges, meandering rivers and the deep valleys. The mind is transformed into an eternal state witnessing the enigmatic beauty of nature. Locals prefer the lake as a hotspot for weekend gateways and even for picnics. The serenity prevailing in the place is a relief from the regular humdrum of city life.

Tehri Lake
Photo of ‘Tehri Lake’ by Paul Hamilton under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Eccentric Beauty of the Tehri Lake

Tehri Lake is the largest manmade lake in Asia. The astonishing beauty prevailing around is unparalleled. No doubt, the lake has been enticing thousands of tourists from all over India. Its popularity has been increasing exponentially due to its magical transformation into a world famous tourist destination. Nature admirers enjoy a tranquil feeling while strolling across the lakeside. Sitting and relaxing at the vicinity of the lake fills the mind with peace and calmness.

The lake is swarmed by different water birds and the local birds chirping around in their melodious voices. You can capture amazing photographs of the birds flapping and splashing on the lake waters. The breathtaking views of the landscape is also a photographers delight.

The Tehri Lake Festival

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a festival triumphed with limitless fun and excitement? You can enjoy the ultimate ecstasy at the Tehri Lake festival. Its specialty is the real mix of nature, culture and adventure. The festival is help annually once around the month of May. It continues for 3 days entertaining the visitors with its ample opportunities for interesting and captivating events.

The locals and the tribes from different parts of the state showcase with cultural brilliance, much to the awe of the visitors. The lively music and jovial dance create a congenial atmosphere around. You can tap your feet to the beats of the music and enliven your spirits.

The festival provides immense opportunities for sports lovers and adventure enthusiasts too. A number of water sports are hosted by the authorities to entertain the guests. You can try out boating, rafting, surfing, skiing, canoeing and many more challenging activities. Trained guides will be present to assist and guide you.

Reputed local and India celebrities perform on all the 3 days with their engaging songs and dances. Fitness experts and martial arts specialists demonstrate different aerial skills through their acts.

Unique Features of the Lake

The lake is an epitome of beauty and wonder. It speaks about the intense thoughts dwelling in human brains, to nurture nature’s phenomenal wonders into a pleasant tourist spot. Such is its marvel that you seldom feel like returning back from the lake premises. Its beauty is like a magnet pulling you in its core. You cannot escape without adoring its spectacular scenery.

Your adventurous mind will be uplifted to the seventh heaven as you engage in a wide array of water sports and activities. For quietude, you can board a boat and relinquish your minds into the soothing breeze flowing over the lake waters. And for the adrenaline rush experience, venture into jet skiing, paragliding, rafting and surfing. The lake is a perfect place to spend an eventful vacation with family and friends.

The lake has an immense potential to be explored much more than what it is at present. The scenic beauty of worthy of millions of appreciation. The pleasant weather engulfs the mind and refreshes the heart. While visiting Uttarakhand, we tend to plan our bucket list with renowned and prominent places. But we conveniently miss out the hidden gems and offbeat destinations. Tehri Lake is indeed a place to be discovered not only for its natural wonders but to appreciate man’s effort in presenting a picturesque view of Mother Earth.

A place, secluded from the city, is an ideal spot to relax and refurbish your minds. You must drench into its poise and calmness, digging more and more the beauty concealed within its core. There is no dearth in transport for reaching the lake, hence your mind can stay out of worries on ease of commuting to the place.

Featured Photo of ‘Tehri lake, Uttranchal, India’ by sporadic under CC BY-ND 2.0

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