Visit Rishikesh’s Swarg Ashram For An Amazing Experience

Calling Rishikesh an amazing tourist spot is nowhere an exaggeration, with regards its major tourists’ spots. Not only does it happen to be a major tourist spot for Hindus, but it also offers a wide range of Ashrams. Set in the midst of Shivalik Hills, the Shivalik Hills happens to be the religious spot here. The reason why leaving out Swarg Ashram would just make your trip incomplete is the notable elements that makes it stand tall as one of the best ashrams in Rishikesh! This travel post will enlighten you the importance of visiting Swarg Ashram!

Why a visit to Swarg Ashram is an amazing traveling experience?

Swarg ashram in Rishikesh happens to be a little township which is found 5 km upstream from the place. The River Ganges is right on its right! You can visit here by either of the ways – either by strolling via the Ram Jhula or by the intersection stream by vessel. You can pay a visit to nearby places after visiting this Ashram. These are mentioned below.

Nearby Traveling Attractions

  • Neelkanth
  • Neerkattu Falls
  • Ram Jhula
  • Beatle’s Ashram
  • Pramath Niketan
  • Bhootnath Mandir
  • Ananda Palace
  • Astha Path

A Visit to Rishikesh’s Swarg Ashram would be an Amazing Experience
Photo of ‘Rishikesh ashram figures’ by Ryan under CC BY 2.0

Nearby Food Options

  • German Bakery
  • Vasundhara Palace
  • Tip-Top Restaurant
  • Roadhouse Bistro
  • Chotiwala Restaurant
  • Bistro Nirvana
  • Café Freedom
  • Rajdhani Restaurant
  • Beatles Café
  • Oasis

Some Traveling Tips

Since Rishikesh is an amazing modern-day world’s spot for adventure junkies, there are a lot of fun activities you can explore. But for someone who loves peace, Swarg ashram Dharamshala defines the utmost enjoyment! Before paying a visit, you should not forget grabbing your camera and capturing some amazing panoramic views of the Ganges. Once you visit this Ashram, you need to should your respect to the local traditions and customs. And it is highly recommended to maintain silence and peace here in this ashram. Another tip you can follow is to visit sand beaches!

What you can do here?

You can opt for accommodation facilities in Swarg ashram for a couple of days in order to experience the life of a saint. Alternatively, you can get around the Swarg ashram Dharamshala and explore worshipping places alongside some sanctuaries! Each of the sanctuaries go by the cleric dealing with hallowed place here. Some religious services here include parades, droning, birth and death functions. The private cells, bistros, sanctuaries, and buildings frame just a part of the Ashram kept by the trust named as Kaali Kaamliwala Khetra!

You can even breathe in some of fresh air brought by the Ganges since this is one of the best ashrams in Rishikesh located by the Ghats! For an amazing experience, wake yp early in the morning just to experience rejuvenating yoga session with healthy breakfast. It’s an amazing way of purifying your mind and soul entirely and is worth taking a break from the daily drudges of life! After all, that’s what travelers seek, isn’t it? You can even go for a revitalizing walk! Have an encounter with a serene twilight with river Ganges at base and Rishikesh in background!

How to Reach?

Swarg ashram in Rishikesh is situated some kilometers away from the Bus Stand. Rishikesh railway station is 14 kilometers from this Ashram. Lastly, the airport is located on NH7 and happens to be 33 kms away.

Perfect Time to Pay a Visit

A perfect time to pay a visit to this Ashram is between the months of early March and mid-May. Interested travelers can book their tickets between the months of September and November!

Featured Photo of ‘ashram in Rishikesh’ by Ryan under CC BY 2.0

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