Dont Miss Visiting Narendra Nagar When In Rishikesh

Amidst varied floras and faunas, Rishikesh is a city that speaks of its true glories. It’s one such place where you would want to visit over and over again, and every time for its other colorful sides. For some travelers, it’s the hub for adventurous activities. For the others, it gives reverence and tranquility by means of yoga and medication. Maybe a visit to Rajaji National Park and having an encounter with its forest beauty can be remarkable for wildlife enthusiasts! Being here and encountering the nostalgic beauty of Beatles Ashram is amazing. Similarly, a visit to Neelkanth temple is of spiritual significance! No doubt how many times to visit here, if you haven’t yet stayed in Narendra Nagar for a day or two, you’re missing out!

A glimpse of how Narendra Nagar looks geographically

Sages here have submitted their lives to yoga practices and meditation which gave them the immense feeling of tranquility. Close to a little town in Rishikesh, you could have an encounter with a hamlet! Seems like this hidden town, which was a secret until 20th century has become a must-visit traveling spot. This hamlet is no other village other than Narendra Nagar – which brings in a magnificent experience for the ones visiting it!

Hidden behind dense forest of alpine, it’s a picturesque hill station showcasing an amazing view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and lush Doon Valley. You can even get a view of it from the online Narendra Nagar images! More to add, the mesmerizing glimpses of cascading Yamunotri and Gangotri are something that would leave you with a jaw-dropping experience! Having garnered immense popularity recently, Narendra Nagar near Rishikesh has become a must-visit and popular tourist spot.

Visit Narendra Nagar is What You Should Not Miss out While in Rishikesh
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Why visit Narendra Nagar?

Seems that you haven’t yet checked the Narendra Nagar images from the Internet! Otherwise, there’s no reason why you would miss out visiting this town, despite being in Rishikesh for more than two or three time! Of course, for the first time visitors, you have your own share of reasons why to leave out this town for the next time! But if you are absolutely in love with the mesmerizing beauty that Rishikesh’s tourists’ spot offers, you should not leave this spot out because of a number of reasons.

First things first! To be real honest, there’s no denying the relaxing pleasure that an Ayurvedic spa treatment can offer to you! Alongside, you can even rejuvenate your soul and body by practicing yoga. Another reason is, you get to have an encounter with a panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayas! You can even learn about the royal family’s history who ruled here for many years. This spot is best for spending your time in retrospection too!

When to visit?

If you’re a corporate person, it is understandable that you don’t get time to spend with your family. And you have all reasons to plan a weekend trip here, whenever you want to! Nevertheless, for better views, you can plan your trip during the autumns. The Narendra Nagar weather, during this time, is pleasant to give you grand glimpses of orchards en route! If you

Some quick facts before a visit

This town was established in the year 1919. Formerly known as the capital of Tehri, it houses a royal palace right at its heart. The Narendra Nagar weather is pleasant during the time of autumns. There’s a number of world-class spas which the town houses.

Visiting Narendra Nagar near Rishikesh would give you an unparalleled experience, not to be expressed in words (really!). However, in the recent years, it this hill station is set to become a commercialized one. But if you want to experience the ancient and true charms of Himalayas, this hill station is a must-visit one!

Featured Photo of ‘Mandovi Third Bridge progress 7.4.2015’ by joegoauk Last Namegoa under CC BY-SA 2.0

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