Visit Mochiwada Bazaar In Udaipur For Beautiful Pairs Of Footwear

Rajasthan is a place that belonged to the royal Kings and Queens. It has a rich culture and heritage. With beautiful and artistic palaces, Rajasthan has still managed to preserve its tradition and heritage. The Rajasthani culture is well reflected in the beautiful city among the many palaces known as Udaipur. The place brings its roots with their tradition, Rajasthani artists and craftsmen design clothes, jewelry, and footwear with exotic embroideries and prints. These embroideries and prints are the symbols of the royal culture. One such market representing the tradition of Rajasthan’s royalty and art is “Mochiwada Bazaar.”

The market brings a wide range of unique designs including patterns in footwears which a shopping paradise. You will get stunning sandals and Jutis.

Whenever you be in Udaipur, do give this market a visit, you will surely be in love with it. This market is very near to the famous Bapu bazaar. Mochiwada bazaar has earned a name in the shoe market. People from various regions come here to get these beautiful pieces of artistic footwear. The market has become a tourist place from past few years. The simplicity and authenticity of designers and artisans over here attracted the tourists and visitors. Their hard work does show in the final product, that is why these footwears are so much in demand and people from outside come here to buy them.

Location: The exact area where the Mochiwada market is located is the Bapu bazaar main road. The market is near to Nada Khada in Udaipur.

Significance: The Mochiwada bazaar has earned a significant name and fame in the field of traditional Rajasthani footwear. And to keep this fame alive the manufacturers are working very hard. You can see their hard work and talent in the product.

  • There is a large variety of footwear available in the market. You will get different designs and patterns and are also available in almost all sizes. So, there is no fear of not getting the perfect fit for your feet.
  • The shopkeepers do have a lot of stocks in their shops. So, you need not worry about your choice pairs. You can explore the whole market to get the one that is best for you.
  • The Mochiwada bazaar is full of embroidery and handcrafted sandals and slippers. You will get different and very unique kind of work. The embroidery patterns are made in such a way that they could go well with any type and any color of the dress.
  • You can also go for multicolor thread works for your ethnic wears. Jutis here is undoubtedly going to steal your heart. Threadwork along with mirror and Ghungrus are trendy there.
  • Apart from these ethnic kinds of footwear, you will also get sandals and shoes made up of camel skin. These sandals are quite durable and are very comfortable to wear.

If you are in Udaipur, then do give this Mochiwada bazaar a visit and buy some pairs of footwear from here. You are going to get compliments from all over. The prices here vary from shop to shop. But the good thing is that the prices are not going to be out of your budget. Also, there is no compromise in the quality of the footwear. They will be quiet durable for you. You will love them. Remember that the Mochiwada market remains closed on Sundays and the rest of the days, it is open for shopping from 9 am to 6 pm. Visit the market to have some beautiful pairs.

Featured Photo of ‘Traditional Indian Shoes (Jutti)’ by Richa Yadav under CC BY 2.0

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