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Virupaksha Temple At Hampi The Architectural Prodigy

The Virupaksha Temple is the classic and the well-celebrated structures situated among the shells at Hampi. The Hampi is nearly 12 km from the Hospet town located in the Karnataka state. If you travel by train then from Bangalore-Hospet town would be around 419 km. The relics of Hampi ought to be rendered the position of the UNESCO World Heritage site, in addition, they are also in the protection as well as maintenance of the “Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)”.

The temples have amazingly endured destruction by the hands of the attackers ever since the conflict of Talikota in the 16th century while numerous of the monuments stood steadily demolished or spoiled by the attacking armies. Nowadays this temple has been changed into a functional temple and the prayers were offered on the daily basis.

The temple holds the architectural design that was constructed during the period of 1336 to 1570 AD that is the Sangam period beginning from 1336 AD till the end of the Tuluva dynasty that is in 1570 AD. And the notable period during this is the rule of great King Krishnadeva from year till 1529.

The temple is devoted to God Shiva, where the lord lives in the form of Virupaksha here. The spouse or the consort of Lord Shiva here is the Goddess Pampavati otherwise called Pampa that is the alternative name of the stunning River Tungabhadra that flows close to this temple.

Virupaksha exactly means “one with the oblique or misformed eye”. There is a belief here that the God Shiva is in penance at this juncture. Also, there is a saying that Parvati wished to marry Lord Shiva and she thought that the only way she could achieve her desire is through penance. Therefore, she sat on the penance and while Lord Shiva heard about this, he was very much impressed then pleased so he agreed to marry her. So people believe that the venue of marriage between the God and Goddess is the place of Virupaksha temple.

It is believed that there is a tiny shrine of Virupaksha that existed here, this was for the period of the control of Krishnadeva Raya that added extras to the place of worship then renewals were carried out to convey this temple to the current state of splendor. Krishnadeva Raya constructed the Temple “Mantapa” (Hall) before the sanctum.

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The best work that was undertaken by Krishnadeva Raya is the building of the “Mantapa” (Hall) in frontside of sanctum the beautiful as respite sections then wall painting in Vijayanagar stylishness. The famous scene from “Mahabharata” which is the important Hindu epic where Arjuna will be seen shooting a fish in order to marry Draupadi.

Virupaksha temple photoVirupaksha Temple in Hampi by amalakar under CC BY 2.0

The temple Gopura is nearly 165 feet tall, and the breadth is 150 feet then depth to 120 feet. When compared to other temples the Gopura is the tallest in South India plus is in 11 tiers. The Gopura is been constructed in such a way that the inverted shadow of the falls on the wall of Western side by the means of a tiny hole attached the temple sanctorum. You will notice two other Gopura inside the temple. The north side Gopura is built by five tiers then additional Gopura in the internal east side is built by three tiers.

The Virupaksha temple ranks as one of the main temples of the province and that carries an age-long history of the architectural as well as sculptural edifice which decorates the temple also enhance the ancient reputation of the temple.

Featured Image: Hampi, Virupaksha Temple by Arian Zwegers under CC BY 2.0


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