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The Vindhyavasini Temple In Mirzapur Cum Vindhyachal

Visiting a temple might not hold paramount importance in an intriguing trip. However, when it’s about, everything here is so attention-grabbing, and that too, on the religious front. If you’re someone having a sheer interest in visiting the place then you cannot deny the religious tour to Vindhyachal. The place houses prominent temples such as Ashtabhuja Devi Temple, Kali Khoh, and of course, the Vindhyavasini Temple!

Here’s Introducing the Vindhyavasini Temple

The benevolent aspect of Maa Durga or Devi Amba is known as Vindhyavasini. Being the presiding deity of the Vindhyachal Dham, Maa Vindhyavasini rests here since the time you weren’t even born. She is the protecting Goddess also known as the Rakshak Devi who is also prominent as the Regional Goddess or Kshetra Devi of the Eastern UP and Bihar. Apart from this, Hindus’ Crores were settled around the globe having faith in the blessings of this Goddess. And they always pay a visit to the seeking blessings from Jagat Janai, Maa Vindhyavasini.

Some Mythological Facts 

According to traditional mythological beliefs, the Goddess has acquired Her name from the Vindhya Range. Shaktipeeths were created in order to spread positive energy among the people from the body parts of Sati. These are also known as Shaktipits. Vindhayachal is one such place where Devi chose to reside right upon the next birth. This was right at the time when Krishna wasn’t ready to be conceived from Yashoda’s womb. The eight girl child was this Devi who warned Kans and escaped soon after the incident when Kans tried to kill her, nothing unlike what he did with the past seven children. After that, she informed the mountains that she wanted to reside in this temple. This temple, thus, is known as a popular Shaktipit in the land of India. The Vindhyavasini Devi is also commonly known as Kajala Devi. She is also adorned as the form of Goddess Kali.

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But this isn’t enough about the mythological history of this place. Goddess Ram once visited here along with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita. In the middle age, Hindus and Muslims used to worship this God concurrently. And according to human mythology, the war between Demon King Mahishasur and Goddess Durga occurred at Vindhyachal.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to pay a visit to the Vindhyavasini temple is during the month of Ashwin or October where the large congregation is held. Alternatively, if you miss out October’s large congregation, you can also pay a visit to the temple during the month of Chaitra or April to witness a larger congregation. And if you’re wondering about how to reach Vindhyavasini temple, you can get the best routes from Varanasi. As a matter of fact, the Varanasi to Vindhyavasini temple distance is also not that long. To know about this, the Varanasi to Vindhyavasini temple distance is about 1 h 48 min (approx.). Not that you know how to reach Vindhyavasini temple, you can pay a visit and worship God eventually.

Now that you know everything related to the Vindhyavasini temple, you can pay a visit to this place as fast as possible.

Featured Photo of ‘Maa’ by Topu Saha under CC BY-SA 2.0

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