The Unexplored And Magical Village Of Jibhi

Green valleys nestled with tall, towering trees. Snaking rivers making their way across sharp peaks and mountains. Sweeping panoramas across miles are just some of the things one finds in Himachal Pradesh. Among the many secrets the state hides, a rare one remains the village of Jibhi.

Banjar Valley photo
Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh by Parth Joshi  under CC BY-SA 2.0

Himachal Pradesh is a much explored and loved state in India. Tourists from all corners of the country and the globe flock to this natural haven. For people looking to enjoy the scenery in peace and tranquility, this isn’t possible. Crowds are everywhere, especially during peak season and summers. Travelers intending to break their rut and escape from the noise and chaos of urban life, need something more. You need something away, remote and quiet to allow you to breathe and rest. While you must visit Shimla, Manali, Kasauli and several other popular destinations, you need to find time to travel to Jibhi. A village, actually a hamlet, Jibhi is in the remotest parts of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the Banjar Valley in Himachal, Jibhi is about 1 hour from the town of Aut. Tourists and travelers can travel by road from Delhi or Manali. If you want an authentic experience, you can even travel by train to Kalka and then catch the toy train to Shimla. Buses are available till Banjar and you have to then catch a local cab.

We suggest you drive up to Jibhi if you can because of the stunning views and glimpses of the Beas river. Stop for pictures and picnic spots as you take the long route. The hamlet remains pleasant through summer and you can get a good summer break by coming here anytime between March-May. Or enjoy warm winter mornings and chilly evenings by visiting Jibhi during October-December.

Jalori Pass photo
Shoja to Jalori by Travelling Slacker under CC BY 2.0

Urban Indians and tourists over the world crave to experience true rural bliss. We want to wake up to green forests and mountains and sip a hot cup of tea as we watch the sunrise. Strolling across easy trails and treks around evenings and fishing for food is another adventure we want to try. You can have all of these things in Jibhi. Let the stress be released as you pick thick, lush forests to trek or even stroll casually. Clean and comfortable guest houses and homestays complete the simple rural picture for travelers. Unknown to regular tourists, Jibhi is ideal for hiking, fishing, trekking and relaxing. But if you think its only for the ones who want to sleep in or laze, you are wrong! Challenge yourself by visiting the Jalori Pass which connects Shimla to Manali. Not as high as the other passes in Himachal, it still is worth a visit and you can even try trekking up there.

You can actually catch your own meal as fishing is one of the favorite pastimes in Jibhi. Fresh bait is cooked in local flavors and served piping hot to guests at homestays and lodges. You will need a fishing permit and you can purchase one from any local tour operator or guide. Art enthusiasts will also be keen to view the wooden architecture that Banjar Valley is famous for. You can find traces clearly visible on the houses in Jibhi and villagers will point out heirlooms and the meanings behind the intricate carvings. The village is an hour away from the Great Himalayan National Park, a must-see attraction for people of all ages. Seroyul Lake is about 5 kilometers from the hamlet and there is a small temple on the shore. There are camping options available and a night beneath the stars is a memory you’ll never forget. The charm of Jibhi remains to be remote, quiet and untouched. Savor the solitude and get back to your life with your soul recharged!

Featured Photo Shoja to Jalori by Travelling Slacker under CC BY 2.0 

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