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As soon as the monsoon starts, nature lovers, tourists, trekkers, start looking for new, beautiful and adventurous place. Many people search for the place which will be adventurous yet calm and peaceful, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life yet lively and vibrant. ‘Ashoka’ waterfalls in Vihigaon forest area, is now an important and favorite spot among the tourists.  Following few winding turns along the Kasara Ghat for around 10 km, a small village is situated named as Vihigaon. Many small and big water streams flow through the lush green forests to Latifwadi, which come together and forms a major water flow. This waterfall is famous as Vihigaon Falls. Few years ago, a song from the Hindi movie Ashoka got shot here. So, the waterfall got its name as “Ashoka” then after.

Though the waterfall is of short height, the flow of water flows with full force through it. The milky white and glittering water running down of the high mountains enters directly into one’s mind. Tourists experience this magical moment sitting on the stone at the base of the fall and takes photos of the nature’s best setting. Just in front of the waterfall, the river bed of river Vaitarna filled completely with water rests peacefully on the green hills and valleys. Tourists from Nasik, Kalyan, Dombivali, Kasara, Badlapur Thane are highly attracted to this place. While on the way from Kasara, the view of place covered with rain and fog, surrounded by the lush green mountains standing on the big canopy and numerous white falls flowing through the hills, looks stunning and spectacular. Considering all these sceneries and beautiful landscapes, this popular ‘Ashoka’ waterfall has become a great destination for tourists to enjoy the pollution free nature during monsoon.

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Ashoka Waterfall photoPhoto by furiouskaa5786

Must see places near Vihigaon waterfall:

Vihigaon Village – On your trip to Ashoka waterfall, don’t forget to have a quick visit to Vihigaon village to see and experience the typical rural life here.

Vaitarna Dam – The dam is located on the Vaitarna River near Igatpuri. It was built during the early 1950 s and is the primary source of water and electricity for many parts of Mumbai. The dam is famous among the tourists as it offers panoramic view of the stony crests of the Western Ghats.

Dhammagiri – The place is located at the outskirts of the Igatpuri and is famous for the Buddhist style of meditation, known as Vipassana. ‘Vipassana’ has made Igatpuri famous not only in India but in the whole world and attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

Camel Valley – The place is popular among the nature lovers as it is all about views and sceneries. It is a lovely place to enjoy the pouring rains and don’t forget to keep your camera ready to capture different shades to nature and some stunning views. You can also spot multiple waterfalls in the valley. The place looks more fascinating in monsoon.

Get ready for Rappelling down the waterfall here: Vihigaon waterfall is the ideal site for rappelling. The feel of travelling against the water stream is thrilling and exciting. Many groups and traveling enthusiasts arrange multiple camps and rappelling activities here.

All the way to Vihigaon:

By Road – You can reach to Vihigaon by local bus from Nasik, Kasara to Igatpuri. One can also hire taxi or drive your own bike/car all the way to Vihigaon. However, since the road in the Ghat is very tilt, drivers should take care of it especially during monsoon.

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By Rail – The nearest railway station is Kasara, if you are travelling from Mumbai side or Igatpuri if you are traveling from Nasik side.  If you want to have the best experience and stunning sceneries, best time to visit Ashoka waterfall is during monsoon.

Featured Photo by furiouskaa5786

Vihigaon Waterfall – Time To Add Some Excitement To Monsoons

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