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Varanasi And The Banarasi Sari

Varanasi & The Banarasi Sari

Situated on the bank of river Ganga, Varanasi has been the cultural capital of the India for a long time. Since years, it has carried the heritage of Indian ritual and culture, very proudly. Hinduism, Philosophy and Spiritualism have been associated with this city for eras.

Among all the things Varanasi is prominent for, the Banarasi Sari, a rich Sari prepared by expert weavers by using fine silks, stands out from the lot. Banaras is one of the generally used names for Varanasi in India and thus the sari’s that are weaved here have became eminent by ‘Banarasi Sari’. The Sari is the customary clothing of Indian women and the ‘Banarasi Sari’ represents the best of the class. It is said that the Banarasi Sari is actually a ‘poetry in silk’.

The history of silk industry in Varanasi is conventionally linked to the Muslim civic, who were almost 800 years in charge of creation. The striking art of weaving done by the weavers in Varanasi is unsurpassed. Unique feature of Banarasi Sari is the expensive gold brocade that has an added weft of rich gold thread flowing along the warp threads. The motifs are woven in silk thread and dazzling colors are added in the distinctive style known as Meenakari which is used in gold jewellery. The all-covering gold brocade called as kimkhab carries designs of ‘jal’ a trellis surrounding conventional rounded bits. An additional variety comprises of fine tissue such as gold cloth that has warp and weft of gold thread and the designs are worked in gold and silk thread. Usually, the material is woven in silk and the pattern is woven in gold.

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The Banarasi Sari is by and large a bit costlier than varied other style of Saris. The reason is utterly simple. The weavers make use of best quality silk yarn which is brought from Karnataka, which is another state in India, distinct to China silk that is of low quality and much cheaper. In addition, the Banarasi saree is knitted on handlooms dissimilar to those woven on power looms. The prior is not only much better in context of theme and design but then also in relation to durability and weaving quality. And certainly, there is an unusual artistry of the weavers in Varanasi who are excellently making these masterpieces for past few years. The embroidery work done by them, known as, Zardozi is an art that needs no introduction in the era of sarees.

Banarasi sari is a garment is among those classic favourites which every grand-aunt and grandmother in north India can tell tales about. For most of the women, particularly those with a desire for Indian fashion, Banarasi sarees are the decisive in traditional beauty and luxury.

With revitalization of interest in traditional fabrics and courteous crafts in the 2000s, Banarasi brocades have gained conventional recognition as one of the finest fabrics in India. Thus, Banarasi sarees have become extremely prevalent even with the younger generation and celebrities. The artisans who had been crafting the saree for numerous centuries took out a logo to make sure that the term cannot be used for any other sari style.

In the present day, one can easily find online Banarasi saree at a trendy fashion retailer, hence growing the accessibility of the clothing. Women can now get designer or traditional Banarasi sarees round the globe without leaving their homes!

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The common styles and varieties of Banarasi sarees comprise pure georgette sari, banarasi silk sari, Zardozi, Meenakri, Jamvar, Cansal, Jamdani and Navrangi. It is the fantasy of every Indian woman to have at least one creative Banarasi saree and Indian brides desire draping themselves with a pure banarasi sari. Tourists from around the globe who visit Varanasi are conscious of the quality of Banarasi saris, ensure visiting the popular shopping centers in Varanasi for buying their admired Banarasi Sari. It’s one chance they don’t want to let go off.

Featured Photo: Himroo Shawl by RubyGoes under CC BY 2.0


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