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Vandri Lake – An Offbeat Destination In Palghar

Vandri Lake is one of the secluded spots in the district of Palghar, Maharashtra. Situated at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai, the natural lake has not been explored much by the travel enthusiasts. The lake is an ideal place for camping amid a serene and tranquil atmosphere, dotted by the lush greenery around. The place is frequented by many cyclists and bikers to quench their adventurous desire.

A Thrilling Road Trip to Vandri Lake

If you possess an ardent desire to discover Vandri Lake through an exciting journey, then the best way is to plan a road trip to reach the place. The buses will drop you at Varai Naka bus stand, on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad NH 8 highway. From there start on a thrilling walk of 5 km towards the lake, immersing the mind into the marvellous beauty of nature.

The vastness of the lake greets the visitors with its store of stunning natural wonders. The soothing breeze flowing across the crystal waters of the lake tranquilizes the mind to eternal bliss.  An isolated lake located at the backdrop of the beautiful mountains, it is an absolute gem of a place to visit. The key attraction of the lake is the gushing sound of the waterfalls, an inherent part of the lake.

The green forest adjacent to the lake is an ideal place for hikers and trekkers to venture into an exciting journey. It is a refreshing walk along the banks of the lake, entertained by the melodious chirping of the birds. Uninhabited and unexplored, the place offers a feeling of ultimate peace and charm away from the regular humdrum of life.

Sunrise and sunset at the lake are heavenly, luring the tourists into its stunning magnificence. Visitors are allowed to enter the lake only after 7:00 AM. Hence you may not be able to catch the glimpse of the rising sun. But you are sure to witness the astounding view of the setting sun, spreading its golden rays on the glittering lake waters. You can spend an entire day at the banks of the lake. Overnight camping options are available to offer you a splendid stay amongst nature’s gorgeous beauty.

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Places to visit near Vandri Lake

Vandri Waterfalls

The waterfalls are a treat to the eyes with its heavy flowing waters splashing across the ground cut into steps. The sound of the gushing waters creates a rhythmic beat within the heart. The greenery around the waterfalls magnifies its incredible charm. It is an absolute photographer’s delight, who will find it irresistible to click innumerable shots of the remarkable view. You can sit at the local shops beside the waterfalls and enjoy the beauty with some crispy snacks and hot tea.

Vandri Dam

A walkway adjacent to the Vandri Waterfalls will lead the path to the Vandri Dam. The view from the top of the Dam is wonderful, witnessing the bamboo fishing boats and the shimmering lake waters. You are sure to be mesmerized by the scenic walkway.

Madpan View Point

The view point is at the top of a small hill, adjacent to Vandri lake. It offers a spectacular view of the lake and the panoramic landscape. If you want to spend a relaxed day in the vicinity of nature’s beauty, then the view point will provide you an absolutely blissful experience. The silence at the view point creates a mysterious feeling within the human mind. The occasional chirping of the birds in between the serenity of the place is soothing for the ears.

How to reach Vandri Lake?

By Road

The nearest local bus station is Vandri Lake Bus stand or Varai Naka Bus stand. You can drive down directly to the lake or hire a cab to reach the lake. The distance between Mumbai and Vandri Lake is 76 km and the travel time is almost 2 hours. If you want to come down from Pune and Surat then you need to cover almost a distance of 215 km with a travel time of 4 hours.

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By Rail

The nearest local railway station is Saphale which has limited connectivity. You can avail of a bus or an auto rickshaw to reach the lake within 30 to 45 minutes of travelling time. The nearest major railway station is Mumbai Central. You can avail of a bus or hire a cab to reach the lake.

By Air

The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Buses and cabs are available from the airport to Vandri Lake.

Traveller’s Tips

  • The best time to visit Vandri Lake is during the monsoons. The view is fascinating with the water flowing at its peak. The greenery around is awesome, uplifting the beauty of the lake.
  • Shops are very limited in the place except for some small shops near the waterfalls. It is advisable to carry your own food and water bottles if you do not plan to stay overnight at the site with any camp operator.
  • Ensure to keep the place clean and dirty to preserve the beauty and serenity of the place
  • If you intend to visit the lake during the summers then prepare adequately with sunglasses and caps for protection from the sun rays.

If you happen to visit Maharashtra and specially Mumbai, then you will not regret the visit to Vandri Lake. An offbeat destination, sure to create a memorable experience and a desire to visit the place in the future.

Featured Photo of ‘Jacobson Park Lake’ by Yogendra Joshi under CC BY 2.0


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