Vajreshwari, The Hot Water Springs In Maharashtra

India has many beautiful places that are worth visiting. Due to our fascination with foreign countries, we tend to ignore the beauty lying right next to us. Vajreshwari in Maharashtra is an offbeat destination known for the temple and hot water natural springs.

We forget that our country is blessed with abundant natural beauty. There are hill stations, valleys, beaches, towns and villages with something for every kind of tourist. You can indulge in adventure activities, hiking, camping, swimming or sight seeing, shopping to your heart’s content. Some of these places are so raw and untouched; they take your breath away. There are also many holy places, pilgrimage sites and temples. People of all kinds of faith have some sacred place of worship in India. They travel across the country to pay their respects and celebrate their faith. Festivals, processions and celebrations are held to welcome devotees and worshipers. Whether you are a believer or an atheist, these celebrations are a joy to behold. The vibrant colors, the songs and dances and the pure faith is a testimony to man’s social and emotional nature. We have discussed crucial places of worship in India such as Badrinath, Panamik, Tapt Kund, Manikaran previously. The stories behind all these legendary places are shared in our posts if you are curious to know!

What do most of these places have in common? They are all religious and holy sites that have hot water springs. A similar kind of hot water natural springs exist at Vajreshwari. There is a slight difference in this spring when compared to the ones mentioned previously. Let’s find out the story behind Vajreshwari and its hot water natural springs.

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Vajreshwari is about 75 kilometers from Mumbai (Photo by mumbaixpressbarber (Pixabay))

Maharashtra is a land blessed with fertile land, rich forests and tall mountains. The state boasts of a thick coastline that is famed for its beaches and seafood. It is an idyllic place that has a proud history going to the era before the British. When the Mughals invaded India, the Marathas were the only warrior clan strong enough to fight them. The Marathas were a race of proud and smart warriors and rulers. With the British invasion, it was again the Marathas who remained staunch in their defenses. Now, Maharashtra is a popular tourist destination and Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. Vajreshwari in Maharashtra is top of our travel bucket list.

Vajreshwari is approximately 75 kilometers away from Mumbai. You can access the town by bus, taxi or a personal car hired from Mumbai. Flights and trains to Mumbai are available from all major national and international cities. Situated close to the gorgeous river Tansa, Vajreshwari is in Bhiwandi. If you want to experience Mumbai’s fascinating local trains, then you can catch a local to Virar. From Virar, it is a 31 kilometer journey by road to the hot water natural springs. The famous Vajreshwari temple is dedicated to an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Vajreshwari means the ‘Lady of the Thunderbolt (Vajra)’ There are 21 hot water springs located around the temple. Legend has it that Goddess Vajreshwari slayed demons and it is their blood which heats the water in the springs. If you want a logical explanation, the volcanic region is the reason the water is heated naturally. The temple is very sacred to Marathas and they take a dip in the springs before visiting the temple. The water is also known to have healing qualities. The hot water springs are called ‘Kunds’ and named for prominent deities such as Surya, Agni, Vishnu, Sita, Rama and so on. The ideal time to visit the temple and hot water springs is September to March

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