Unwind Your Mind At Pookode Lake In Wayanad, Kerala

Relaxing and unwinding at the banks of glittering streams is a heavenly experience. The soothing breeze and the mild chirping of birds are a bonus. You can witness a similar environment in the vicinity of The lake has been created naturally amid a serene natural landscape. Located at a height of 770 meters above the sea level, Pookode Lake is highest in the state. It is an extension of the meandering River Kabini which flows across the city of Wayanad.

Pookode lake
Photo of ‘Pookode lake’ by Dinesh Valke under CC BY-SA 2.0

Key Features of the Pookode Lake

The lake entices tourists with different travel tastes and desires. Photographers can click some amazing pictures of the tranquil scenery around the lake. Bird watchers can spend quality time observing the various species of birds flocking around the lake. Nature admirers can sit and relax at the lakeside to watch the mystic beauty of the lake and its adjacent surroundings. Avid travellers and adventure enthusiasts can stroll across the magnificent walkways. They can visit the wonderful tourist destinations near the lake to fulfill their wanderlust craves.

The place has ample opportunities for entertainment for the kids. The best part of the lake is the beautiful aquarium hosting numerous species of fish. Watching the fish and getting acquainted with their names and habit, is an interesting activity for the kids as well as the elders. Besides, there is a kid’s park at the venue with different play activities and fun rides for the little ones.

Boating is also offered at the lake waters. It is wonderful to row across the glittering streams of water while engulfing into the pristine beauty of nature. It is a perfect way to enjoy a fun-filled day with your family and friends.

You can also fulfil your shopping desire at the Handicrafts shop present within lake premises. Local and handmade artefacts, soaps, perfumes, medicinal products etc. are available at the shop for purchase. The emporium is run by the State government and hence can be trusted for authenticity and reliability. They even sell different kinds of spices from Kerala.

There is a temple beside the lake, where you can offer your prayers. It is a small one, built in the old thatched roof and mud hut style. The construction imparts the look and feels of a rural background.

The Flora and the Fauna

The key attractions of the lake are its exquisite flora and fauna. The bright water lilies and lotuses floating on the lake look amazingly beautiful. Coupled with the lush and dense greenery encircling the lake, the essence of the place is captivating. No doubt tourists and the locals prefer spending their holidays and weekends near the lake. A special species of fish called the Pethia Pookodensis is said to be found in abundance in the lake waters.

You can find various types of flies, birds and animals as you walk across the pathways near the lake. The water birds like Kingfisher and cranes and the local birds catch the attention of the nature-loving tourists.

The Key Tourist Places near the Lake

You can visit some of the enthralling places near the lake, quite popular among the tourists. The magnificent Kuruvadweep island, at the banks of the River Kabini, is a good place to visit. Chembra Peak, the highest in Wayanad, is a major tourist destination near the lake. The other place which you can visit is a hill resort called Pakshipathalam. Bird lovers can enjoy a wonderful time among the abundant species of birds crowding at the resort.

Timing and Entry Fees

You can visit the Pookode Lake all days of the week from 9 AM till 5 PM. The entry fees are INR 15 for adults and INR 5 for kids.

How to reach the lake?

The nearest airport is at Calicut and the nearest railway station is at Kozhikode. Buses and cabs on hire are available from both the places to reach the lake. Throughout the city of Wayanad, you can avail public or private buses and even hire a cab to travel towards the lake.

Pookode Lake is also famous for hosting prominent festivals and fairs of Kerala. The renowned among them are the Thirunelli festival and the Valliyoorkkavu festival.

Featured Photo of ‘Pookode Lake’ by Ashwin Kumar under CC BY-SA 2.0

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