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5994389692 8084a5545b Udumalpet

The southern part of India is hotter than other parts of India due to its proximity to the Equator. However, the Western and Eastern Ghats provide a welcome respite from the relentless hot conditions here. There are many hill stations and small towns with cooler times all times of the year.   Udumalpet is one such small town under Tirichi district jurisdiction, Tamil Nadu that is surrounded by hills.  It is called Poor mans’ Ooty, as the weather is pleasant all through the year.

This town lies on the important highway connecting the textile city of Coimbatore and the holy city of Madurai. Munnar Hill Station, Palani Temple of Lord Muruga, Hosiery Town Tirupur, Palghat of Kerala are but a few kilometers away from this central location.

Udumalapet is also famous for its huge windmills. There are many places nearby which you can visit around Udumalpet.

  • Aliyer dam

Aliyer Dam is about 45kms away from Udumalpet on the foothills of Valaparai.  The Tamil Nadu Fisheries department maintains an aquarium and a  theme park here.  You can have a 360-degree view of the dam from a vantage point.  Two religious spots around the vicinity are – Temple of conscious and  Ambarambalayam Darga.  People enjoy Fish fry at street stalls at this scenic spot.

  • Monkey falls nearby is a very popular picnic spot
  • Thirumoorthy Hills

About 20 km from Udumalpet can be reached on the Palani and Coimbatore Highway. Thirumoorthy temple is visited regularly by pilgrims.  This temple has idols of all the Three Murthis- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.

The waterfalls here is quite popular.  Those of you who like trekking can try climbing up for half an hour to reach there.

Amanalingeshwar temple is another holy place dedicated to Lord Shiva.  While both these temples lie at the foothills, the adventurous of you can try climbing approximately 1 km to the top, crawling and bending a 40 metres stretch in between to the hill peak.

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Tourists can also visit the Thrumorthy dam with a garden for which you have to climb some distance.  Check if the dam has water because it has full capacity only during the rainy season.  There are many boulders around, with etchings made by followers of Jain tradition many centuries ago. Children would love an adventure of running around these boulders.  Of course, monkeys are a great menace, so beware! There are boat facilities as well in these parts.

  • Amaravathi Dam

Go down south from Udamalpet on the SH 17 route.  This dam is located right inside the Indira Gandhi Wild Life sanctuary.  This dam is constructed on the Cauvery river and has most visitors to its amazing Crocodile farm that has about 155 crocodiles.

  • Valaparai

This place is located some 3,500 feet above the sea level 81 kms away from Udumalpet.  Coffee estates and tea factories abound in this scenic spot in the Annamali mountain Range.  The Nirayar Dam is on the eastern parts of Valaparai while the Sholayar Dam some 30 kms away is the longest dam in Asia.

Athirapalli falls photoPhoto by shankar s.

The famous Athirappilly waterfalls is close by. A famous Tamil movie “Punnagi Mannan” has been picturized here and hence this falls is called by that name.

So if you are traveling come and see these places while enjoying the hospitality of people, who are more than ready to showcase their heritage and culture in exchange for knowledge and ideas from other parts of the Country.

The villages around Udumalpet are themselves scenic with coconut trees and a cool breeze flowing through. Villages are go about their life with hope that their hard work would will gift a good harvest that season.  Various moviemakers have captured this region on film during the late 70s and early 80s and received rich dividends at the box office.

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Photo by Kumaravel

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