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The beach of Velas is 200 kms away from Pune and 225 kms away from Mumbai. The beach of Velas is a famous tourist place known for turtle hatching beach. The turtle eggs hatch at Velas beach only in summer months of April and May.

Velas turtle festival

Every year in winter times the turtles migrate to the Velas beach to lay eggs.  In the summer months the baby turtles hatch from the eggs and waddles into the sea. The Velas beach attracts tourists in these summer months which are turtle eggs hatching time. Every year a Velas turtle festival is organized in this turtle hatching beach. This festival is mostly organized by NGOs and Mumbai based tour groups in the month of April and May. In this festival the people around the village opens their door to warmly welcome the tourists around the globe. They prepare homemade foods for these visitors. This turtle eggs hatch festival is actually an example of community based ecotourism in our country. Along these summer months the eggs hatch twice a day. The turtle eggs hatching time is from 6 am to 6 pm. Within 50-55 days all the eggs hatches and the baby turtles swim towards the sea.

Turtle Eggs HatchPhoto by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region  

How NGOs will guide you in this festival of Turtle Eggs Hatch

To witness this wild life phenomena one must be lucky. As seeing baby turtle hatch can never be guaranteed. In spite of being natural phenomena, hatching of these little adorable turtles sometimes can be unseen. If you are lucky you can easily see dozens and dozens of turtles hatching and if you are not you may find none hatch the day you visit. So, if you visit Velas beach make sure visit the place in organized groups under NGOs. The NGOs can easily predict the chances when you can easily spot a turtle. They take peoples in groups to the places where the turtles are most likely to hatch. They exactly know the timings of hatching which your make your trip smooth and easier. It is not always sure that you will get to watch an egg hatch but moving with these NGOs will increase your probability of watching turtle eggs hatch.

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After watching the turtle eggs hatch

After the turtle eggs hatch, the visitors move towards the Velas village to get a homely breakfast. Living the turtle hatching beach tourists can get to see many other places also for many years the eggs of these turtles were stolen.  These stolen eggs were sold people or where by the villagers. Now the NGOs put a great effort in protecting the turtle eggs. By strictly warning the villagers not to steal these eggs and helping the villagers take initiative to cover and conserve the turtle eggs moving to the other cities or abroad.

Turtle Eggs HatchPhoto by Enygmatic-Halycon

Places to visit around

In Velas beach you can watch the wonderful turtle eggs hatch. In this beautiful beach you can also watch turtle eggs moving because of tides. Apart from this turtle hatching beach you can also visit Kelshi, Diveagar, Dapoli, Guhagar and many other places. You can also visit Bankot which is a small fishing village from where you can get a view of Himmatgadh which is also known as Bankot fort. Guhagar has many beaches and temples of dasbhuja ganapati. There are many other beaches like Dapoli, Shrivardhan etc.

In the turtle eggs hatching time tourists get to watch this unique event of turtle egg hatch. To witness the turtle eggs moving around the beach one must visit Velas turtle festival. In this awesome month- long festival, tourists get to watch small turtles hatching from eggs and moving down the sea water. One can find this turtle egg hatching only in few places of India.  The turtles mostly found in these beaches are Olive Ridley turtles. So come and watch baby turtles hatching from eggs in summer holidays or weekends.

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Featured Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [”playin’ hook-y”] ;o

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