Tungareshwar Road – Explore The Road Not Taken In-Between Vasai And Virar

Tungareshwar Road – what makes it special is a question for many offbeat tour takers. Yet, many of us do not know about this exotic mountain plateau in the suburban northern region of Mumbai. The Tungareshwar Hills and its roads are becoming one of the scenic drive routes to explore once in Maharashtra. They are the roads to travel to see the Tungareshwar attractions too. Here, we have discussed the specialty of this road in various seasons and its attractions.

Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Photo of ‘Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary’ by Dinesh Valke under CC BY-SA 2.0

Attractions to Visit on Tungareshwar Road

  • Chinchoti Water Fall
  • Tungareshwar Hills
  • Tungareshwar National Park
  • Tungareshwar Plateau
  • Tungareshwar Temple
  • Tungareshwar Waterfall

Tungareshwar Road in Monsoon

You must travel on the Tungareshwar Road during monsoon to see this green belt zone in Maharashtra. July to September is the best time to visit in the monsoon season. The Tungareshwar hills and Plateau will look in exotic greenery during the monsoon rains. You will be traveling on this road, which is 1000-ft AMSL. On this scenic driveway, you can watch the Tungareshwar hills and Plateau, which are above 2000-ft AMSL. It will soothe your eyes with lush green surroundings. There are many centuries-old trees, which you can find on this scenic route near Vasai, Mumbai. It is advisable to travel in an SUV, as these are major rainy seasons in Western India. It is the best to chase monsoon clouds once in this road not taken. You can enjoy the flowing monsoon clouds down under your way as you reach higher altitudes. The rain clouds and the forest cover will tempt to take photos. You can also spot mountain mists along with the rain clouds.

Tungareshwar Road in Non-Monsoon Season

October to June is dry months in Maharashtra. This is the best time to travel on Tungareshwar Road by bike or bullet. The road adventure seekers can take this road, which is not taken yet. You can see the beauty of the Tungareshwar National Park forest reserve area. They are visible during the non-rainy season. Here, you can see the real beauty of the Tungareshwar Hills and Plateau at the fullest. It is advisable to go in a group and see the Tungareshwar Hill vistas from various curves and viewpoints. You can see the scenic villages, waterfalls, and old temples on the way. You can also find many birds on the trees. Moreover, the forest monkeys will greet you on the Tungareshwar Road trip. If you have any fruit, you can give them and start your journey. You must not harm them when they are nearing you. It is advisable to slow down when you find the forest monkeys on Tungareshwar Road.

Tungareshwar Road Adventure Trip

A day trip is enough to enjoy this scenic road near Vasai Virar. Yet, the adventure seekers can visit here during the weekends and see the Tungareshwar Road attractions. It will take a 2-day to see all the attractions present here. You can visit the Tungareshwar temple, Tungareshwar waterfalls and Tungareshwar National Park in a two-day tour. It is advisable to travel in your own car to enjoy this road drive and see the attractions. It is not advisable to do rash driving. This is because; you can find many tourists during the weekends and national holidays.

Tungareshwar Road trip is the best to take by adventure seekers, mountain trekkers, hikers, nature, bird, and animal lovers. People of all ages can find some interest in this road. In the end, you will feel this is the road not taken in your life. This road trip will be a memorable one. It is advisable to take photos and videos of these scenic hillside vistas.

Featured Photo of ‘The path is defined, at times.’ by Aditya Patawari under CC BY-SA 2.0

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