Tunday Kebabs Of Lucknow

Tunday Kebabs Of Lucknow

One Legendary dish from the city of Nawabs is the Tunday Kebabs, it is one of the most popular names when it comes to kababs in Lucknow. As we all know Lucknow city is very famous for its melt in mouth variety of Kebabs and if you happen to visit this city then knock into this 100 year old shop called the Tunday Kababi, and try their melt-in-the-mouth and world popular ‘Galavati Kababs’. The Tunday Kababi is a 100+ year old shop located in a very popular area in Lucknow known as the Chowk. This place is a regular rendezvous for people who love kebabs. Despite being located in a small lane, which is in the centre of this old city, one cannot imagine how popular this shop is not just in the country but even abroad.

The History Of Tunday Kebabs

The Founder

Haji Murad Ali had started this 100+ years old shop in the year 1905 in one of the most popular area in Lucknow, the Chowk.

Secret Recipe known to Family Members

These yummy tundey kebabs are so very popular, but the real secret behind the yumminess is is with the family members of its inventor. The kebabs are prepared by the family members only and the seceret recipe has been passed down from generations to the upcoming generations

Secret Recipe is not passed down to the female family members

One weird thing is that the recipe is passed only to the male members of the family and not to the female members.

Popular World-Wide

Tunday Kababi is the most popular eatery and offers excellent Kebabs. The kebabs are just not famous in India but even abroad, especially in the Gulf Countries. The most popular shop is located in Aminabad, it is the most popular eatery and renowned for its scrumptious Kebabs and also for a variety of non-veg dishes.

Tunday Kebabs – Interesting Anecdotes Behind its Fame

1. Speciality of partially disabled Chef

The inventor of Tunday Kebab was a one-armed chef and interestingly Tunday is a slang word which used to refer a person who has hand disability. As these kebabs were a speciality of a one-armed chef, the kebabs were named as Tundey Kebabs.

2. Foundation of the Tunday kebabs

The story goes like a Nawab actually lost all his teeth and because of that he could not eat meat. So he commanded his cooks to invent something which was soft and juicy, so that he could easily eat and enjoy. It was then when the Tunday Kebabs were invented.

3. 160 ingredients in the Secret Spice Mix

It is said that the ‘Galavati Kabab’ has around 160 spices which includes sandalwood. However, the maid ingredient of the Tunday Kabab’s masala is top secret and is known exclusively to the family members.

4. Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha goes best with Tundey Kebabs

These kebabs melt in the mouth, it tastes best with this exceptional Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha with some crunchy onion rings and a dash of lemon.

5. Healthy and Low Fat option

In case you are watching your weight, then this dish might not make you guilty. These juicy meat patties are shallow fried and not deep fried. So its high on taste and low on your waist.

Tunday Kebabs of Lucknow is something to die for, I bet you won’t stop on a single plate. So do check into Tundey Kebabi in the Chowk and give your taste buds a real taste of magic.  On your next visit to Lucknow, do try out this century old Kebabs. Apart from kebabs there is a variety of other dishes like Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, Galawat ke Kebabs, Ghutwa Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs which are also worth trying. So just don’t link Lucknow to the Nawabs but instead start linking it to the delicious Kebabs too.

Featured Photo: Tunday Kebab, Lucknow by Matt Stabile

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