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Tribal Museums Of India – Part – 2

Tribal museums carry legacies of Tribes that may be lost in the sands of time.  This article is in continuation to the first article on Tribal Museums of India. Tribal Museums Of India – Part I

Ooty Tribal Research Museum, Tamil Nadu

This center is one of the best maintained museums across India.  It is located some 10 kms away from the Main City.  It is the place to view and understand both Tribal way of life in South India and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

Also, there is a big library stocked with books on Tribal life.   There are are some handicrafts for sale too here.

Ethnographic Museum – Dispur (Assam)

This Tribal museum was established in 1977. It contains artefacts of various tribes of Assam viz., Tamangs, Bodos, Misings, Rabhas, Dimsa, Rengmas, Tiwas, Karbis, Sonowals, Kacharias and Hmars. 

It also has 5 amazing dioramas where the artifacts are placed. The showcases here are classified Tribe-wise.

Checkout traditional textiles; exquisite tribal jewellery made using copper, amber, bronze,   conch shells rubies and tiger teeth and more…

Pune Tribal museum

Pune Tribal museum was set up in 1962 as an extension of Tribal Research and Training Institute in Pune.  Check out Tribal life in Maharashtra in the form of exhibits and artifacts here.

There are about 47 tribes in the state and the museum has Photos, Warli paintings, masks, bamboos works, implements, equipment’s and weapons of these tribes.

Plans are on to provide a virtual tour of this museum for passengers waiting at the Pune Airport 

Tribal Museum – Koraput, Orissa

It is located in behind the Koraput Jagannath Temple. Established in 1992, it has a small but has an interesting collection of objet d’art connected to tribal life in Odisha.

  • On display are costumes, musical instruments, hand woven clothes, terracotta exhibits, totem poles, pillars, life-size tribal dancer statues and weaving looms
  • There are 235 varieties of food grains harvested by tribals of Orissa are  exhibited here
  • Rare photos of Flora, Fauna, traditions and religious symbols of tribe
  • Also visit the amphitheater for cultural performances. 
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Tribal Cultural Museum – Silvassa

Silvassa is capital of Dadar and Nagar Haveli. Tribal Cultural Museum, Silvassa has displays of rich culture and traditions of the tribal people of this part of India. Inside the museum, you get to see Dolls, artifacts, Kitchen implements, weaponry – blades, lances, bows and more.

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, Gurugram (Gurgaon)

In the ultra-mod city like Gurugram you surely will not expect to find anything other cement and mortar. But there are many small wonders in there that you will miss if you do not view minutely.

The Museum of Folk and Tribal art set up in this part of India, is a one man (late)K.C.Aryan’s immensely startling collection of artifacts. 

What you can see inside…

  • Artifacts from Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and parts of Southern states of India.
  • Tribal Embroideries,
  • Tribal Stone carvings,
  • Folk paintings,
  • Tantrik art,
  •  Litho prints,
  • Folk toys,
  • Card puppets,
  • Papier Mache Masks from Himachal Pradesh,
  • Stone carvings,
  • Wood carvings and
  • Books on art

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum – Itanagar

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh is very popular tourist haunt.  It was set up in 1980s. The entrance itself is grand as it is decorated with tribal art.

Most visitors to Arunachal Pradesh have this museum in their Tourist Itinerary

The ground floor showcases different facets of tribal life  including headdress, musical instruments, utensils, jewellery and handicrafts

The first floor has exhibits that were found during excavations at Ita Fort, Noksparbat and Malinithan areas.

There is a workshop where one can learn to make traditional cane products in the museum.

Have a look at the expedition gear of Tapi Mra, the first person from Arunachal Pradesh to scale Mt.Everest. One can also purchase handicrafts of the tribals here. 

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Tribal Museums are places where you can view the complete panorama of indigenous life in one location.  So, whenever you visit the above cities,

Featured Photo: Madhubani painting, Bihar by jepoirrier under CC BY-SA 2.0


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