India is a land of attractions.

A country to the land of “The Taj Mahal”, India has attractions galore. Discover, Share and Celebrate India’s attractions.

  • Interesting! Nrityagram Is India’s First Dance Village
    Miles away from the IT hub of India, there is a village that keeps itself isolated from city life. The hamlet nestles among the last surviving land of the city. Amidst this off-beaten […]
  • Chaklang Marriage: The Marriage Custom Of Ahom Community
    A beautiful marriage tradition, celebrated mainly by the Ahom community of all over Assam.  Ahom, a well-known dynasty which was able to rule all over Brahmaputra valley for almost around 600 years. The […]
  • Tholpavakoothu – A Famous Shadow Puppetry Form In Kerala
    Tholpavakoothu is an ancient form of shadow puppetry practised with grandeur and galore in the state of Kerala. The inherent reason for performing the amazing art is the ardent dedication towards Goddess Bhadrakali. […]
  • Putul Nach – An Inherent Folk Art Form Of West Bengal
    West Bengal is a state which hosts the traditional and folk arts of India dating thousands of years back. A well known form of the ancient art form is the puppetry. Prominently known […]
  • Tholu Bommalata – An Ancient Shadow Puppetry Of Andhra Pradesh
    In ancient India, storytelling was a popular practice of imparting knowledge and entertain the audience. Shadow puppetry was a well known medium utilized for storytelling where various tales of epics and religious texts […]
  • The Cultural Glimpses Of The Festivals Of Faridabad
    What had witnessed the advent of industrialization and rule of Mughals and British Colonial have also been dominated by its diversifying cultural as well as tradition beliefs! The city is popular as one […]
  • 7 Things You Need To Know About The Rann Utsav
    Whenever we talk about Deserts, one particular desert certainly comes to our minds and that dessert is the Great Rann of Kutch. The reason why it is labelled as the great Rann of […]
  • 10 Ways Of Draping Sari From The Diverse Corners Of India
    In a world where decking up in comfortable attire is what women like for every day, Sari remains sheer elegance. A rectangular piece of sheer elegance makes the overall definition of this traditional […]

India and her glorious festivals add life to the otherwise mundane days. And one of the many forms of celebration is a colourful Rangoli, a pattern drawn at the doorsteps and then filled with love in the form of colours. Girls grow up drawing rangolies and personalising them. This Rangoli, the all white Muggu to the tradition of adorning hands and feet with beautiful and colourful Mehendi, Indian traditions and customs are unique.

Indian Culture – Indian culture has an incredible history in the world. Indians have adapted several traditions and cultures of various other countries all through invasions. India is the best illustration for unity in diversity.

Baul Gaan – It was during one of the train journeys that I discovered these fantastic entertainers – The Bauls. They entertained the passengers singing ‘Baul Gaan’( gaan – song in Bengali). They were a popular sight in train routes passing through West Bengal.

Muggu (the all white Rangoli) – The creation would start with dots and then either the dots were joined or lines would run around them forming a beautiful pattern.