Traditional Northeast India Dresses That Display Cultural Fashion

Being the warehouse of culture and tradition, Northeast India is popularly known as the seven sister states. The citizens are popularly known for the impeccable sense of styling. Their fashion quotient happens to be always on the point. If you have been wondering where all of it comes from, then here’s the answer. The colorful and vibrant costumes dated back some thousand years ago are the ultimate answer. All the states’ dresses are carefully crafted with defined and predominated colors capturing the overall beauty. And the best part is, Northeast India dresses come differently crafted and vary as per the family member’s status.

Best Northeast India’s Traditional Dresses

To know more, here’s introducing the seven outfits of the seven sister states. Scroll down to know further about Northeast India dresses.

Li of Nagaland

If you’re wondering about the traditional costumes of Nagaland, then here’s what you need to know. The traditional Naga dress is presented with seven different colors, designs, and patterns. Known as ‘Li’, the costume is one of the most prominent tribes. Considered as the badge of honor, the dress comes with striped embroidery and intricacies added to the shawl. This is appropriate when anyone is offered with a higher status. The traditional costumes of Nagaland come with embroideries that are crafted in geometrical shapes. The floral patterns also follow a structural form.

Khasi of Meghalaya

Another traditional dress of Northeast India is Meghalaya’s Khasi. It is also known as Dhara or Jainse. The dress is worn by women around different states. Here, the women take a yellow shawl which is worn over the cylindrical lower. It will look great when paired with a traditional set of silver jewelry.

Muga of Manipur

Similar to Meghalaya’s costume, Muga comes in various color variants. This is one of the best Northeast India dresses, which comes with a scarf made of silk. And the lower cylindrical portion of this Northeast Indian fashion is better known as Phanek. The dress is worn in different colors for different occasions. The specialty of this dress is that it comes with a flowy structure and its embroidery is simple and light.

Traditional Chemise-Like Attire of Arunachal Pradesh

This traditional costume doesn’t remain the same and is different in different sub-tribes. However, the basic form of this sleeveless chemise comes with an embroidered and full-sleeve jacket. This is like a wrapped-around-skirt which is always accompanied by a prominent waistcoat. You can add your preferable accessories such as Gurdam, a skull-cap with Yak hair offering an overall grace.

Rignai-Risa-Rikutu of Tripura

The historical saying goes that Tripura’s kind married every woman here and created a new style of dress. The dress’s lower portion (Rignai), the chest covering (Risa), and the upper portion (Rikutu) are extremely comfortable. The designs of this dress are, however, diminishing. The basic structure remains similar, but the patterns have recently become unique.

Mekhela Chador of Assam

If case you have been searching for the traditional dress of Assam, here’s what you need to know. A traditional Assamese costume, Mekhela Chador happens to be a fan-favorite dress. This costume’s bottom protion is wrapped in the name of Mekhela. On the contrary, the upper portion is known as the sari pallu or chador. This costume of Northeast India dresses comes in vibrant color variants and hence is a traditional dress of Assam.

Traditional Costume of Mizoram

The Mizo dress happens to be a designed and full-sleeved dress which is nothing like the other Northeast costumes. The design of this Northeast Indian fashion is usually hand-woven. Contrarily, the skirt comes with the vertical embroidery around the length. The women in the region wear this dress on all the traditional occasions and festivals. This dress is considered as an auspicious dress of the place.

Wrap up

Not only does Northeast India have scenic beauty for its own shares of tourists, but Northeast India dresses are also popular among tourists. The seven sister states have unique culture, lifestyle, and traditions. And these traditional dresses can be explored by all the Indians during any festival or fair season.

Featured Photo of “Octave @Goa 2015” by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

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