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Traditional Jewelry Of Assam That Would Complement Your Look

Having a rick collection of classic jewelry, Assam’s uniqueness in jewelry making is sure to inspire other regions of India. The jewelry has a special hold at every Assamese woman’s heart. They like to keep it simple yet elegant in all possible way! These pieces of jewelry are sure to go with every religious and cultural event. Jewelry of Assam is predominantly significant in mainly the second biggest city called Jorhat. Calling it the center of jewelry making isn’t at all an exaggeration. Thousands of tourists and natives visit here in order to purchase the Assamese jewelry in Jorhat.

A Little about Traditional Jewelry of Assam – History

While the history of Assamese jewelry dates back to many centuries, gold jewelry always plays a fundamental role. After all, Assam is one of the major parts of India that takes pride in following its culture and tradition. Gold, being a major part of jewelry in India, is dominant in most of the states of the country. Contrarily, Assam was also that part of India where gold washing and manufacturing of jewelry had a prominent part in the state.

Sonowal Kacharis, a special tribe in Assam in the past got involved in the gold washing method. During reigns of Ahom kings, the task was performed on elaborate scales; at least that’s what the history of Assamese jewelry affirms. Beside gold, metals such as silver were used in making of conventional jewelry too.

Nature-Inspired Assamese Jewelry

Since Assamese jewelry in Jorhat is prominent, various tourists and local people visit here in order to purchase them. The Assamese jewelry is inspired by its fauna, musical instruments, and more. These are the intricate parts of its design. While they follow a traditional design, their beautiful appeal can never go out of style. Each piece comes with a unique name describing its shape & decorative work. To elucidate it in a precise manner, here’s introducing the various types of jewelry that can go amazing with your attire.

  • Loko Paro

It comes with two pigeons embedded in gold or rubies. Originally, it was worn by the elite and dignitaries of Ahom dynasty.

  • Jon Biri

It has a moon-shaped pendant and comes with earrings with rubies and gold in front with an enamel-coating design.

  • Dholbiri

It’s an implication of the musical drum of Assam and complements your ethnic look.

  • Golpata

It’s a gold jewelry that’s like a choker, sticking around your neck. It brings in the touch of traditional design with flowers.

  • Japi

It’s a conical hat that’s inspired by popular Assamese design. It comes in earpieces and neck piece.

  • Pepa

This happens to be the hornpipe musical instrument used in Assamese music. This Assamese Gahana is made with buffalo’s horn.

  • Gam kharu

Gam-Kharus are bracelets, broad in size. It was worn by males previously. However, with the modern-day styles, this design goes perfectly among females who prefer going ethnic. You can wear in on occasions like bihu or weddings.

  • Thuriya

These gold earrings were worn by Assamese women, older in age. These are notable for they feature studded gem stones.

  • Kerumoni

This Assamese Gahana is an exotic ear ornament made up of gold. Locals prefer wearing it, but now this design is also incorporated in pendants.

  • Dugdugi

It’s an ancient jewelry that comprises a heart-shaped locket, earrings, and ring.

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While these were some traditional jewelry pieces, you can also get modern-day designs. Thanks to the designers who are implementing newer design in jewelry of Assam.

Featured Photo of ‘Black Pearl necklace’ by Judy Gallagher under CC BY 2.0

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