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India is a mix of so many different cultures. Each being unique in its own way isn’t it? Well this holds true even when it comes to the food. Each region of India has a totally different kind of platter and taste, with so many interesting things on it. By Interesting I mean colours, spices, taste and richness. Well RICHNESS in food, which Indian Cuisine do you think justifies the word richness to the most? Well it’s none other than the “Punjabi Cuisine” isn’t it? Reminds me of one popular line that compliments almost all their dishes” Makkhan Maar Ke

Punjab: The Land Of Rich Culture & Mind Boggling Food

punjabi food photoPhoto by Rishu83

Yes it truly is the land of rich culture and immensely mind boggling foods. With passing time the state of Punjab has crossed all cultural and religious barriers when it comes to their cuisine. I love Punjabi Food, and I hardly know anyone who doesn’t love Punjabi Food. Well don’t worry you need not be Punjabi to actually love Punjabi food. Across India Punjabi Food just rocks, the mouth-watering traditional dishes have always topped people’s choices and even the tourists who come from across the borders love to try the Punjabi Food.

Punjabi Food @ Dhaba

To experience the real taste of Punjabi Cuisine you have to visit a “Khula Khula Dhaba”, well I mean an open air Dhaba. The delicate fragrance of lusty mustard green fields cannot really be felt in the cold air of the air conditioner at a restaurant. So if you really want to try Authentic Food, then hit a Dhaba. These Dhaba have it all, starting from Tea\Lassi to Butter Paneer, Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. You get it all and each and every thing is made the traditional way. They do not really use those expensive gadgets to cook food, but their Desi way of cooking is what adds that Desi Punjabi touch to the food.  Nothing can beat a platter of food at the Dhaba with a huge dollop of Butter on it.

Top Traditional Dishes From The State Of Punjab

Guess now I have two kinds of people; the first being the one who love Punjabi food and the second being the ones who will start liking after reading the below list. So let’s get started and check out the 10 most traditional dishes from the state of Punjab.

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1. Makke Di Roti & Sarso Da Saag

I had to start this list with Makke Di Roti & Sarso Da Saag, and there can be no arguments on that. Makke Di Roti & Sarso Da Saag is one of the most loved Punjabi dishes. Well the love for this dish has seen no borders, so be it Bengal or Karnataka everyone knows and loves this one dish. This is one of the most traditional dishes from Punjab which is made during the winter season. Well apart from high taste the dish is also quite nutritious. Sarso Saag (Mustard Leaves Saag) is typically served with a hot Indian bread made of maize flour known as Makke Di Roti. The best part about these Chappatis is that it has calories all over as it is brushed with loads of butter, well that brings out the real flavour. So if you are a genuine Punjabi food lover you won’t really worry about that butter.

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butter chicken photoPhoto by Chris Pople

2. Butter Chicken

Well this one dish is so very much loved by the entire country and even abroad that one would actually start arguing about its origin. Well I would not discuss this at all. The state of Punjab is immensely popular for their scrumptious butter chicken. It comes in two varieties tandoori and curry chicken, guess both are totally awesome. One can just never resist a plate of delicious butter chicken even when on dieting. Butter chicken taste even more amazing with butter naan, and let’s not forget our delicious dollop of extra butter. Butter-licious isn’t it?

Rajma Chawal photoPhoto by Ankur’s

3. Rajma & Chawal

Another patent dish from the state of Punjabi which has gathered a lot fame across the country. Rajma or the kidney beans are transformed into a delicious preparation and served with hot boiled rice. Well this one dish is pretty wholesome and at the same time totally delicious.

makhni photoPhoto by Martin_Duggan

4. Dal Makhni

Dal makhni is one such dish which can be found in almost all the menus across the country where they offer Indian food. Guess this one dish has broken all cultural divisions. I don’t really need to talk about the popularity of this dish. But if you haven’t yet tried it, dude you are surely missing something special in life.

paneer tikka photoPhoto by Charles Haynes

5. Paneer Tikka

Finger biting paneer bites which are a part of almost all dinner parties as these hot and spicy dish adds real charm to the evening. Paneer Tikka is one perfect dish which is loved across India and is an all-time favourite for the vegetarians especially.

aloo paratha photoPhoto by mojosaurus

6. Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is one of the most love and popular dish from Punjab. In fact this one dish is a routine breakfast item for many people across the country. A typical Punjabi aloo paratha is cooked with a spicy stuffing with loads of ghee or butter and served classically with a curd or white butter.

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Chole Bhature photoPhoto by gagandeepsapra

7. Chole Bhature

Who can ignore mentioning Chole Bhature during any discussion on traditional Punjabi food? Well this classic dish is an all-time favourite of many Indians irrespective of any community. Hot and spicy Chole served with puffed oily bhature along with some slices of onions and pickle is a treat for anyone at any time. As I said the love for Chole Bhature has never seen any cultural boundaries, guess this is one reason why it gained immense popularity even in south India over the years.

Kadhi Pakora photoPhoto by woodenmask

8. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Though this one dish might not sound too popular, but when it comes to traditional Punjabi cuisine it deserves a mention. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is immensely tasty; it is that typical Indian curry which has some deep fried vegetable pakoras dipped in it. This dish taste best with steamed rice.

Lassi photoPhoto by Nagarjun

9. Lassi

Ending this list with Lassi, well I decided to save the best for the last. For those who don’t know what Lassi actually is, this is a sweet drink which is typically made up of beaten curd and milk. What makes a glass of Punjabi Lassi truly special is the traditional tall steel glasses. These glasses are the real beauty of Punjabi culture.

Hope you like reading about the most popular traditional dishes from the state of Punjab. Trust me if you have never tasted any of these before, you are surely missing something really special in life. So are you thinking where to start from? Grab a Glass of Lassi! Malai Maar Ke.

Featured Photo by Raghavan Prabhu

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