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Desert, mostly considered as harsh and wild places and yet are also one of the mostt stunning  natural landscapes in the world. Far from the hustle and bustle of the noisy, streets of a city, desert continues to preserve its noble and calm personality. They have this supreme charm which attracts you towards them. India’s arid deserts is a region of excessive climate alterations and inhospitable environment  and yet it has given rise to big evolution there. India has some prominent dry regions in the southern, western and north -western part. If camels, cold and hot winds, sand dunes, broad landscapes and the heavy roads somewhere in between  excites you,  then this article is definitely for you. Here is a list of Top Deserts in India. These deserts are widely known and many of them even holds a historical importance.

Here is a list:

rann of kutch photo

  1. Great Rann of Kutch :

The Great Rann of Kutch or the White Rann or simply Kutch, is one of the hottest and dustiest regions in India, spread over an area of around 2898 sq miles. It is located mostly in the Gujarat state of India and Sindh region of Pakistan. As the name implies, the White Rann is mostly covered with marshy coats of white salt which gives the dreamlike appearance just like snow covered land. As far as you can see, all you will find is an endless landscape of snowy white patches of land which makes Kutch an undoubtedly one of the most serene and beautiful place in India. Great Rann of Kutch provides numerous of opportunities for interesting desert safaris and even holds its glory of natural beauty from the history. Kutch also has large territory of wildlife in India. During monsoons, the area is packed with salt water, making it a seasonal salt swamp while in summer, temperature reaches to over 50 degrees and during winter, the Rann cools down to below freezing point.

thar desert photo

  1. The Thar Desert :

The 18th biggest desert in the world, spread in the area of almost 77, 000 sq mile covers the Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab states of India and Sindh from Pakistan. This Great Indian Desert  contains about 10 percent of the sand dunes, while the rest of the part is craggy rocks, grasslands and dry salt lake patches. The monsoon winds that carry rain to most part of India,  avoid this region which makes it a dry and subtropical region.  During summer time, the temperature rises over 50 degree Celsius and winters can be freezing cold.

  1. The Deccan Thorn Scrub Forests :

The Deccan hills or the Deccan Thorn Scrub Forest covers mostly the south Indian states that includes Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, some part of Karnataka and Maharashtra and even includes some portion of northern part of Sri Lanka. Because of very less rain fall, approx. 750 mm, the region is very dry which leads to no moisture during the months from November till April and temperature can be reach up to 40 degree Celsius during the months of summer.

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  1. spiti valley photoSpiti Valley Cold Desert :

How would you like a desert but with the cold, high up in the mountains with plenty of unique wildlife like snow leopards? Interesting right! Spiti valley is one such place which will definitely give you one such experience and some just stunning landscapes. Located in the Himachal Pradesh, Spiti valley is widely known for some marvellous sights, its unscathed natural beauty, stunning Buddhist monasteries and unique Tibetan culture. Within a few span of time, Spiti valley became one of the major trekking and hiking destination for hikers and trekkers from different parts of the world. The place lies peacefully at quite a high altitude in the east region of Himachal Pradesh and is still one of the most untouched and unique location in Himachal Pradesh. The region is a desert mountain valley and plays as a host to several number of festivals.

thar desert photo

  1. Pushkar – Rajasthan :

One of the oldest city in Rajasthan, India and one of the 5 religious dhams of Hindu followers, Pushkar is definitely a popular and most visited religious place in India. The stunning Lord Brahma temple which is one of its own kind and Pushkar fair which is conducted every year, attracts lots of tourists from worldwide. Along with this religious importance, the Camel safari, international camel festival and Desert safari also invites many travellers and make their holiday of worth a visit.

  1. Bikaner :

Known majorly for its white sand dunes and yearly Camel festival, Bikaner attracts tourists from all over the world. Many tourists from several parts of the world flock to Bikaner every year to attend the Camel festival and to enjoy Bikaneri snacks and sweets. Located in the middle of Thar desert, Bikaner is one of the main location of Desert safaris, Desert camps and camel rides. The magnificent architecture of Bikaner, colourful sand, enchanting traditional and cultural activities and Bikaneri cuisines are highly acknowledged and accepted. Additionally, the camel country is also famous for having a own unique temple and that is called, the Rats Temple.

  1. Jodhpur :

Jodhpur is undoubtedly one of the biggest delightful and attractive city of Rajasthan. It is widely known for the grand Mehrangarh fort, several temples, blue houses, mouth watering sweets and for several other types of famous snacks. Jodhpur is also called as the “Gateway to Thar” where orange and golden  shades of sand with slight texture of pink is appealing and grand camels bumbling by slowly is certainly an enchanting experience.  The Blue city which actually looks totally blue in colour because of its blue walls and blue houses is mesmerizing and picturesque. Jodhpur is a heaven for those who want to feel the breeze of deserts along with the magnificent architecture, colourful culture and simply delicious sweets. Then, Jodhpur is a place for you where, charming blue city located in the centre of a Thar desert and grand elephants and camels are walking down the beautiful streets of blue city besides the stunning palaces. Because of the clear and bright weather, the “Sun City” will definitely give you high vacation goals. A serene sunrise or sunset in the wide desert is enchanting and a must not to miss.

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nubra valley photo

  1. Nubra Valley, Kashmir :

Located at a distance of approximately 140 km far from Leh, Nubra Valley is definitely a unique place to visit on earth. This masterwork created by God in the stunning silk route of Jammu and Kashmir is overemphasized with Nubra and Shyok and river twisting through. The beautiful and absolutely sand dunes with the backdrop of snowy-capped Himalayan ranges and the beautiful and colourful monasteries in the shades of red, golden and some other is a view worth of anything. Though Nubra valley is consider as one of the most remote place in the country, it is a definite visit.  Due to its isolate location, the surrounding area doesn’t have many food and restaurant options, you can definitely see few food stalls which serves delicious local cuisines like Momos and many others.

  1. Khimsar :

A small village in Rajasthan, Khimsar, situated at around 90 km from Jodhpur and Bikaner highway is widely known for the Nagaur festival which is held every year here. The town is an ideal destination to enjoy traditional Nagaur festival as well as to spend leisurely weekends in the cold breeze. Along with the festival, tourists are largely attracted to the 450 years old Nagaur fort, situated in the Khimsar village, which has also been awarded with national award as the “National grand heritage award for excellence”. The Panchala Black Buck Reserve and the beautiful Sand Dune villages are major and popular tourist attractions here.

Photo by Nick Kenrick.. , Nagarjun , simon-and-india , twiga_swala , twiga_swala and ashwin kumar

Top Deserts In India

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