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Top 6 Places In Darjeeling That Are Worth Visiting

Kolkata is a great city to live in but if you are living here or visit this city in the month of May or June then you would definitely be regretting your choice. One evening in the month of April, I and my friends got so irritated because of the heat and humidity that we decided to abscond from Kolkata for a few days and take a trip to the town of Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Pelling. In this article, I would be talking about Darjeeling.

darjeeling photo
“Photo Of darj-80” by Ankit Agarwal under CC By 2.0

Darjeeling happens to be a popular tourist spot in East India especially Kolkata. It is situated in West Bengal, so one has to travel to Siliguri (Jalpaiguri) by train and from there you need to make travel arrangements to Darjeeling which is about a 3-hour drive from Jalpaiguri railway station. We were a group of 4 friends and we seriously had a time of our lives, we had booked a travel package for this vacation so we got this great opportunity to see a number of places in and around the city. However, later we realized that there were a few places which we could have avoided to save some exhaustion. In this blog, I shall narrow down the list to only the top 6 places in Darjeeling that are worth visiting.

6 Places In Darjeeling – From My Eyes

1. Tea Gardens

tea gardens darjeeling photo
“Photo of Tea Estates in Kurseong” by Ankur P under CC By 2.0

The first place I would like to talk about Darjeeling is the Tea Garden. The reason why I have mentioned this right at the top is because of the serene view which you get to see from this place. It was a 20-minute drive from our hotel and one thing that I must mention about Darjeeling is that it is a little congested; the roads are really small and the increasing popularity of this place is making this place really crowded because of which traffic jams have become very normal here. This place is amazing for taking photos and in most of the tea gardens here there is a provision for renting traditional east Indian clothes for taking pictures.

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There are many tea selling counters outside the tea gardens, one thing that I noticed about the people of Sikkim is that they are very honest and helpful. Our driver had parked outside a particular tea counter and after clicking pictures when I had come back I was strolling around these tea counters and at one particular tea counter (not the one outside which our driver had parked) I asked what was the price of the tea leaves and the lady’s first question was where is your car? I pointed it out to the counter where our car was parked and she said that you need to buy tea leaves from there only. I thought to myself, that if she wanted, she could have just sold it to me but she didn’t because of the honesty and unity which people have for one another in Sikkim.

Nevertheless, I went to my tea counter and the lady served this amazing hot tea and trust me to-date I am looking for that taste but I never managed to get that flavorful tea in Kolkata or anywhere where I have travelled in India.

2. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park photo
“Photo of Himalayan Zoo, Darjeeling” by shankar s. under CC By 2.0

The second place we visited in Darjeeling was the Zoo. Honestly, I am not a very big fan of animals but unfortunately, my friends really are so I was dragged by them to this place. I have been to Alipore Zoo in Kolkata so I had the notion that this zoo wouldn’t be any different but my perception totally changed after visiting this zoological park. The size of the animals was so astonishing that it really startled me. There were limited animals here namely snow leopard, red pandas, wolf, and Siberian tiger but they were really well maintained and the zoo authorities have managed to maintain really good cleanliness. If you visit the end of the park, there is a mountain climbing training centre where there are mountain climbing simulations which you can climb. Fun along with adventure has made this place earn the second spot in this article of Top 6 Places in Darjeeling

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3. Barbotey Rock Garden

Rock Garden photo
“Photo of In Kurseong” by Ankur P under CC By 2.0

The third place to make to this list of Top 6 places in Darjeeling is Babotey Rock Garden. We had visited this place during our second day of the visit. One thing which you will see in abundance in areas of Sikkim are the waterfalls. So, I’ll advise all of you to google all the images and visit only those waterfalls which seem appealing to you. In our 1-week trip to Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Pelling we had visited more than 6 waterfalls and honestly, by the time we visited the 4th waterfall, it became really tedious for all of us.

4. Take a Toy-Train ride

darjeeling toy train photo
“Photo of Steam Engine of Darjeeling Toy Train” by Ankur P under CC By 2.0

One thing which you don’t get to do every day is taking a ride on a toy train. Some of you might wonder what is the point of taking a toy train ride and its quite natural to think this way but trust me when the toy train goes inside a tunnel the “oos-aahh” made by the crowd will automatically bring a smile on your face. There are various toy train journeys; I will suggest that take the smallest ride possible because if you for a medium-long one then after a while it gets really boring. When I had gone to Ooty (my first toy train ride), I did this mistake; the first half an hour went really well but later I was regretting thinking that I should have booked a small ride instead of the long one.

5. Ghum Monastery

Ghum Monastery photo
“Photo of Ghoom Monastery” by Ankur P under CC By 2.0

This was a fun visit. Honestly, this place is kind of boring but what happened here with my friends was hilarious. This place is kind of a temple, and this was the last place we visited in Darjeeling before we left for Pelling. When we visited this place, I believe there was some kind of procession which was happening at that time. The monks were singing some kind of song and for some reason that made us a little eerie about this place; there was a board which said that photography was not allowed; one of my friends bypassed this and took it but when he heard the song he got frightened that deleted the photo out of fear. When we came out of the place, we just couldn’t stop laughing due to this incident and as a result of this I have mentioned this place in my list of top 6 places in Darjeeling

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6. Have momos during your trip from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling

chicken momo photo
“Photo of Annapurna Chicken Momo” by snowpea&bokchoi under CC By 2.0

I would have mentioned this place, but it didn’t have a name and nor do I know exactly know where that place was. All I remember is that there was a small restaurant surrounded by mountains on all 4 sides and this place served the tastiest momos I ever had in my life. If somebody gave the address of this place, I would happily visit Darjeeling again to have a plate of momos there. But even if it is not this place, just have momos from anywhere in Darjeeling; they all are equally good.

So, these are the top 6 places in Darjeeling which I think you should definitely visit on your trip here.

Featured “Photo of Kangchenjunga, Himalayas” by A.Ostrovsky under CC BY-SA 2.0

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