Top 5 Places To See In Shojha Village, Himachal Pradesh

Located in the immensely beautiful Seraj Valley, Shoja is one quite little hamlet that looks nothing less than heaven in its purest form. This little village is still unknown, and this is exactly why it may capture your interest.
Beautiful mountain slopes covered with deodars, verdure, and conifers magnificently covers the entire village. What adds up to it are the breathtaking views of the beautifully snow-capped mountain peaks. Indeed, a magical grandeur that you need to witness yourself.

You can reach Shojha by driving through around 38 kilometers from Aut. Trust me the set of magical wonders will blow your mind completely. If you are convinced to pay a visit and explore this magical village, here are the top 5 places you should visit to complete your experience.

Top 5 Places To See In Shojha Village, Himachal Pradesh

Photo of ‘stripped’ by Parth Joshi under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Waterfall Point

Amid a long-hushed walk through the natural surroundings, the rippling sound of water can do magic to your mind and senses. Located at walkable distance of 1 kilometer from Shojha, this waterfall point is one of the top places to cover in this hamlet. Waterfall point is unimaginably beautiful, and in all probabilities will leave you totally enthralled.

If you are a morning person, do go for a walk to the waterfall point.

2. Jalori Pass

Sheltered in the snow-capped peaks of the northern Himalayas, the Jalori mountain pass lies amid the popular boroughs of Shimla and Kullu. Jalori Pass is situated at a massive height of ten-thousand eight hundred feet above the sea level. Its one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Shojha.

Do not miss the Jalori Pass Trek which will take you through an exciting experience through vast coniferous jungles.

3. Seroslar Lake

Located around 5 kilometers from Jalori Pass, Seroslar Lake is another destination attracting many tourists. The sheer clear water of this lake sets it totally apart from the rest water bodies present around the village. Surrounded by thick oak trees, a walk around this lake is one enchanting experience.

This lake is more popular for the Goddess Budhi Nagin temple that is located here. According to the locals, the Goddess If this temple guards this place.

4. Tirthan Valley

If you are a wildlife lover and enjoy fishing, then Tirthan valley is the place to quench your eternal adventurous thirst. This destination is mainly popular for sheltering the Great Himalayan National Park. It is one of the best stops for exploring angling.

5. Raghupur Fort

Finally, one historic destination on this list is the beautiful Raghupur Fort that is believed to be constructed by the Mandi rulers. It is said that the rulers had constructed this fort to safeguard themselves from attack. Unfortunately, today not much is left to see here except the external part of the walls. Apart from the historic remains, the way to reach this destination makes if more interesting. Raghupur fort is just 3 kilometers trek from Jalori Pass, the way is shrouded with lush green oaks trees with a beautiful backdrop of the great Himalayas. Well, this trekking experience can be a little challenging, but it is bound to give you can experience of a lifetime.

Shoja village has very moderate climatic conditions which does not really change throughout the year. So, you can visit it almost any time in the year. But the April to June months are most favored months chosen by the visitors.

Final Words …..

I hope you had fun reading this listicle, do explore these places when you visit Shojha. And yes, if you know more such places in this village so share the details in the comments section below.

Featured Photo of ‘winters setting in’ by Parth Joshi under CC BY-SA 2.0

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