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Many love to experience the feeling of living life on the edge. Though most love to sit indoors with a hot cup of coffee in the winters, many prefer to chart the impressive mountains and go for trekking trips. If you are an adventure seeker who is not afraid of the cold, then heading out on winter treks India is the best option. India has many areas, which are dominated by the presence of mountains. The altitude of these areas makes them cold, and you will get snow in the winters as well. Due to the presence of many trek organizing agencies, the popularity of snow treks in India is growing.

Getting information about winter treks India

Trekking is a risky adventure sport, and the participants must be aware of the dangers associated with it. One false step can be fatal. Adventure seekers do not shy away from booking seats for winter treks India. Due to the geographical diversity of India, you will get many options for trekking. If you are a seasoned trekker, you can try and tame the rugged Himalayan terrains, and unruly winds.

Winter treks India photo

Photo by Manvendr

For beginners, it is best to pick winter trekking packages, which will take them on less perilous expeditions. If you are not confident about embarking on this journey by yourself, you can appoint winter trekking guides as well. These are local people who know the mountains like the back of their hands.

Budget for trekking trips

The cost of winter trekking packages will depend on the spot you pick. A journey to high-risk zones requires extra preparations and gears. It means you need to shell out more money. It is better to start small and then proceed towards high altitude trekking trips. Another aspect that may increase the cost of the trekking trip is the inclusion of winter trekking guides. These guides are in high demand, especially during the peak trekking seasons. The guides who assist adventure seekers on the snow treks in India demand more money than the others.

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Chadar Trek in the Himalayas

Located in the breathtaking Ladakh area, it is considered one of the most dangerous winter treks India. The spot is located at the height of 10,900 ft. So, you can very well imagine that it remains entirely covered with snow during the winter months. But this has not deterred adventure seekers form organizing trips to explore this area. A journey to this frozen area takes at the most 9 days to complete. Due to the risks associated with this trek, only seasoned trekkers get permission to chart the area, that too with the assistance of experienced winter trekking guides.

Winter treks India photoPhoto by parth joshi

Trekking at Kauri Pass

When it comes to popular snow treks in India, the Himalayan region dominates the scene. The second spot on the list is the trekking trail to Kauri Pass. This trail starts at the Chaukhamba Range and ends at the border of Tibet. Due to the low difficulty level, many beginners attempt to cover the area. It is situated at the altitude of 12,763 ft and will take 4 to 6 days. During this time, the trekkers will have to a distance of 33 kilometers.

Nag Tibba Trail

The Nag Tibba has come to the spotlight in recent years. It is situated between the peaks of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar. It is considered as one of the picturesque of all winter treks India. The height of this trekking trail is 9,924 ft which makes it scalable for beginners as well. As this journey of 16 kilometers can be completed within 2 to 3 days, you will get good deals on the winter trekking packages. Many agencies organize trips in this area, during the winters. An interested candidate can get in touch with them, and complete the formalities.

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Winter treks India photo

Photo by

Prashar Lake Winter Trek

The best thing about winter treks India is that you will get to see the wild but fantastic beauty of nature. Not many venture in these mountainous areas during chilling winter months. Those who dare to face the wild winds get a reward that is more beautiful than anything they have seen. The 8 kilometers trail to frozen Prashar Lake, at an altitude of 8,477 ft is one such reward that winter trekkers get to experience.

Featured Photo byvibhusingh2

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