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Holidays and beaches! Yeah, great pair. The Indian sub-continent has a lot more to offer being a peninsula. The country has water on all three sides and there are amazing beaches all around the coastal areas. For a beach lover, Indian beaches make a great relax point.

These coastlines played a major role in the history of India. Guess how? They make an excellent platform for trade and goods transfer via sea. Most of the invasions took place through sea and this also gave way to the fusion of various cultures and traditions.

As the country is surrounded by water on three sides, there are amazing beaches all over the country. Let’s check out the top 3 must visit beaches in Tamil Nadu – the southernmost coastal state of India.

3. Rameswaram

Rameswaram is a small island town separated from the mainland India by pamban. The famous Pamban bridge connects this island with the rest of India. Being an island, the town has water on all four sides and beautiful beaches attracts travellers. It includes a few notable historical places such as Dhanushkodi.

The island of Dhanushkodi was a busy port and fishing hamlet prior to a cyclone that hit along the coast in 1964. At present, the town is in ruins. But still it attracts tourists due to its broken connectivity with the modern world. A visit to Dhanushkodi and other beaches of Rameswaram will teach important lessons of history and philosophy. There are several myths, facts and science along this little coast. Any adventure seeker would love to pay a visit, and an attendance will be worthy of it.

2. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India where all the three waters of Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean meet. And hence the place is also called as “Thriveni Sangamam” which means “the union of three seas”. The beach of Kanyakumari is a famous tourist destination with amazing views of sunrise and sunset. The rocky seashore offers a splendour view of the skyline. There are boating trips and memorials at the beach.

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1.Chennai – Marina and Bessie

Chennai hosts the second longest beach of the world – Marina. The beach stands on top of the list of most of the tourists visiting Chennai. Before the advent of shopping malls and modern entertainment options, the Marina beach was the only inexpensive choice for a weekend trip. The beach includes several memorials for famous leaders and small parks. These lawns get crowded over sunrise with a swarm of morning workout champs.

Roadside vendors like snack and ice cream sellers make a good business here. For a 90’s grown kid, a cotton candy, balloon and a sand castle were the important pointers on a Sunday wish-list. The fresh air and a small sea dip will pull out stress and worries out from the mind.

Apart from Marina, the Elliot’s beach at Besant Nagar is another beach in Chennai famous for its serene surroundings. The Besant Nagar is named after Anne Besant, the world famous theosophist. The beach at Besant Nagar is named after Edward Elliot, a British governor of Madras. This beach marks the end point of Marina shore. The beach and its surroundings look a bit elite, due to the posh neighbourhood adjacent to the beach. The beach also goes by the nickname “Bessie”.

Apart from these beaches, Pondichery is also a wonderful tourist destination with French settlements. The union territory is close to Tamil Nadu with a wonderful beach and many resorts. Officially, Pondichery is not a part of Tamil Nadu. But considered so, because of its official language being Tamil.

Top 3 Must Visit Beaches In Tamil Nadu

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