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Travelling is a great way to understand the lifestyle and culture of people who live across the world. It is the best learning process in life. Because of our busy schedules, we find no time for travelling and making friends. India has some amazing places to explore. Hyderabad is one of those astonishing places to visit in India for tourist destination, culture, shopping and food! At present, Hyderabad is the capital of both Telangana and Andra Pradesh. Hyderabad is famous for its Biriyani and its cultural importance. Here we will discuss some of the destinations in Hyderabad that you should never miss:



nizam of hyderabad photoPhoto by Habeeb MD

Charminar is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Hyderabad. It is located in the centre of Hyderabad city. It was built in 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah. The architect made Charminar in Cazia Style. The monument was made as homage to the people who died because of a deadly Plague outbreak here. A Mosque and 45 prayer rooms are available inside the Charminar. You will be able to enjoy the traditional Hyderabad culture at this Place. Charminar will be always crowded with tourists. The area around Charminar sells some of the best bangles and artificial jewellery.


Golconda Fort

nizam of hyderabad photoPhoto by MASRURAASHRAF

Golconda Fort is one of the main forts in Hyderabad. It was actually known as ‘Golla Konda’. Golconda fort was made by Kakatiya Dynasty around 800 years before. Kohinoor and other precious stones were stored in this Fort. It was the capital of Qutb Shahi Dynasty. You can still see the weaponry display used by them. You can see a huge iron mass there. In the olden days, a person who wanted to become a soldier had to pick it up and show his strength. It was later destroyed by Aurangzeb.


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Salarjung Museum

Salarjung Museum photoPhoto by jmcgross

Salarjung Museum is one of the famous art museums in India. You can see varied collection of carpets, clocks, ceramics, paintings, antiques, textiles and sculptures in the museum. It is actually the world’s largest museum which is the collection of a single person. You could see the collections from 1st century in this museum. Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III is the person who made this museum. He was the prime minister of Nizam.


Ramoji film City

Ramoji photoPhoto by jamingray

Ramoji Film City is another main attraction in Hyderabad. This is the largest film city in the world and has earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The very popular movie ‘Bahubali’ was shot here. It has all the facilities to shoot the film and for all technical post-production works too. The entire crew can stay and shoot here. You can enjoy the Ramanyana museum inside the Ramoji Film City.  You can experience the movie making techniques inside the studio. It covers a vast area of more than 1500 acres.


Hussain Sagar lake

Hussain Sagar lake photoPhoto by ambrett

Hussain Sagar Lake is a popular tourist spot in Hyderabad. It is a manmade lake and is the largest of its kind in Asia. It links both Secunderabad and Hyderabad. There’s a tall Buddha figure in the centre of the lake. You can reach the statue by boat from the park nearby. People who are interested in other water sports can enjoy skiing and parasailing here.


Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir photo

Birla Mandir is famous because of its charming beauty in white marbles. You could see the entire Hyderabad city from the top of Birla Mandir. Hussain Sagar Lake and the city look very beautiful from the top of the temple.


Nehru Zoological garden

Nehru Zoological garden is spread across more than 300 acres. This was made in 1959 but was opened to the public in 1963. To visit the whole garden it may take 2 hours. Kids train and History museums are very famous here. You can see Orang-utan, White Tigers, Cobras, Giant Tortoise and many other animals and reptiles here. You can also enjoy an Elephant ride with the family.

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Old Hyderabad City

Old Hyderabad City photoPhoto by Sissssou

Hyderabad now is famous for its new city, but you should visit the old city to know the pulse of Hyderabad. Old city is famous for conventional jewellery and pearls. Old city is also famous for Hyderabadi Biriyani. The original Biriyani, which is very famous in Hyderabad, comes from old city of Hyderabad. Most of the monuments are located in old city only.


Makkah Masjid

Makkah Masjid Hyderabad photoPhoto by ShashiBellamkonda

Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah is the person who made this Masjid around 400 years back. He is also known as the creator of Hyderabad. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah is the designer and the person who laid the stone for making the Masjid. He only designed the city in and around the Masjid. The Arch of the mosque is made of the soil of Mecca. It is believed that Prophet Mohammed’s hair is kept in the mosque.


Qutb Shahi Tombs

Qutb Shahi Tombs photoPhoto by Ankur P

There are seven tombs of Qutbuddin Dynasty. The tombs are located very near to the Golconda Fort. It is one of the main tourist spots in Hyderabad. This was built in 1500. You could see the Persian and Hindu style in its construction. The tombs are made on a higher platform and the uniqueness in the sandstone makes it special. This place is special because Qutbuddin’s whole family is buried here.



Featured Photo by Himanshu Nagar Photography

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Hyderabad

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