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This palace is also called to be the Daria Daulat Bagh. Being of the chief tourist attraction nearby Mysore city, positioned in Srirangapatna this Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is always the best place to visit. For a quick span of time, Tipu Sultan was ruling the Mysore so that he shifted the capital to the Srirangapatna.

But during the year of 1799, that is once Tipu Sultan died the British again shifted the capital to Mysore itself and also King Krishnaraja Wodeyar III was made as the rule of Mysore town. While Tipu Sultan was ruling the province, he then constructed the Summer Palace at Srirangapatna that was the island situated in the Kaveri River, from Mysore it is about 14 km. This palace is the greatest contribution of Karnataka giving the major tourist attraction all over the year. It is said that there are always thousands of visitors who do visit this Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace summer palace.

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It is been setup in charmingly designed in green gardens, situated in a picturesque and peaceful location. There is also saying that “the wealth of the river”, and location to its nearness to the stream,this Daria Daulat Bagh was constructed to honour the triumph of Tipu Sultan’s army over British rule.

Initially, the fort was constructed by the Kempe Gowda who is the founder of great city Banglore. Then it was later extended by the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan. It is also said that Tipu Sultan’s father Hyder Ali imprisoned the David Baird together with many numerous British officers. The Fort remains to be the spectator to the fight of the Mysore King in contradiction of the British dominance.

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The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace actually erected during the year of 1784. The Palace is mostly made out with Teakwood. The entire Palace has an Indo-Saracenic design and chic of architecture. This Palace has a rectangular shape and constructed on an elevated platform. It has open corridor structure on all the sides of the platform that taking a wooden pillar for the support.

Also, you can notice walls toward the east as well as the western sides. Apart from this bay through pillars are kept on the either two wings which give the support to the roof. All the four walls will have four staircases that divide the audience hall by the corner in a 4 rooms section that forms the central hall leading to the east and western corridors.

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By the usage of colourful frescos on the arches, pillars, canopies and walls it gives a stunning appearance to the palace.
Whereas the internal wall is holding floral plus leafy decorations, the outside walls would be concealed by portrayals and happenings as of the battles then floral marbled canvas is fixed at the woody ceiling of the Tipu Sultan’s palace. Later Tipu Sultan’s demise, this monument was then changed to be the secretariat till 1867.

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Pretty nearby to this fort you will observe the relics of the fort while Tipu Sultan died when fighting with the British. This fort currently comprises the famous Ranganathaswamy Temple and also well celebrated Jama Masjid. Correct outside the Summer palace you can find the Gumbaz which holds the Tipu Sultan’s tomb of, plus tomb of his father Haider Ali, as well as Tipu Sultan mother tomb his mother.

You can see delightful floral themes adorning the walls and also the ceilings of the Tipu Sultan Summer Palace at Bangalore. Usually, the King Tipu Sultan will conduct the state’s affair in the east and western balconies that are positioned on the upper floor.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace photoPhotos by sl4mmy 

Also, there is temple which is been devoted to the Hindu God, Lord Ganesha. This temple is well maintained and still attracts numerous tourists. The temple stands stunning by appealing certain followers and devotees still. Islamic as well as Hindu structural design one way or another way blends among the palace also temple correspondingly. Too the traveler movement is stable. The general and slightly overfilled market from Krishnarajendra City is stages away from the fort entrance. There are Tuk Tuk’s, buses also taxis that are available easily; they will get all travelers into the main entrance.

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To describe about the Tipu Sultan Museum, it is situated on the top floor of the palace where this museum holds the collection of rare Persian manuscripts, stuff associated to the great King Tipu Sultan in addition to gorgeous European paintings. The important another valued possession present in this museum are the famed oil paintings that have been created in 1800 by the Sir Robert Ker Porter that is‘Storming of Srirangapattanam’. You can also find two silver bowls that have been kept for exhibition, this is been gifted by the ruler Tipu Sultan for the temple Ranganathaswami.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace photoPhotos by Mike Prince 

You will also have the newly completed portrayals of their people as well as places and spots of those periods. Furthermore, you can see the mockup or the replica of the supreme Tipu’s Tiger that was on the Victoria then Albert Museum located in the London. Clothes and the crown of the Tipu is been exhibited in silver also gold pedestals. A general gifted a silver vessel to his father Hyder Ali is also been kept for display.

This historical work is really the portrayal of the war happening by the last fall of Srirangapatana which happened during the Month of 4th May that was in the early year 1799. The Department of Horticulture and the Karnataka Government both preserves the space on the front of Tipu’s palace by means of a garden as well as the lawn.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace photoPhotos by Mike Prince 

Information about the Entry fee that is been charged in Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is for Indian is INR 5, and for the Foreign Tourists, the ticket cost is about 100 INR. If it is a still camera then use can use it for free while if it for the Video camera it is INR 25. The ticket counter is the situated near the main gate of the palace. And you need not have to take a ticket for the children’s below 15 years. The palace is open on all days of the entire week that is between 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM

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Discover The Old-World Charm Of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

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