Thru The Berdewadi Tunnel – An Experience Of Magnificence And Thrill

Railway expeditions have always been a unique part of our imagination till time immemorial. The mystery and the adventure that surrounds a train journey have caught the fancy of all of us while we were growing up .These journeys have been a part of our literature, music and art  for a very long time. Every time we are on a train ride we are not just travelling but also becoming a part of a 167 year old history.  The tunnel that we come across in these voyages also adds to this feeling of magnificence and thrill that we tend to associate with a train journey. The diverse and striking landscape of our country makes the ever changing view from our train windows even more attractive and awe-inspiring.

One of the most picturesque routes in the Indian railways is the Konkan rail route. This path connects us with the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.  This route would take you through a journey filled with majestic bridges, charming mountains, deep blue rivers and gigantic tunnels which merge with the surrounding natural beauty, giving you an experience that you would treasure for a lifetime.  The fact that one would get to experience so much in such a reasonable budget is also one of the major reasons for any traveler to plan a trip on this route through the railways.

Though it should be said, that creating such an engineering marvel, was not an easy feat.  The hard rocky topography of the Western Ghats put up quite a dare for the expert team of engineers, assigned to build this manmade wonder. Even with the tremendous difficulty that stood in the way, the project was successfully completed in about seven years with no extra time or significant expense on the part of the government. One man under whose guidance this remarkable triumph was added to the list of victories of the Indian railways was Mr. E Shreedharan fondly known as the “metro man”. Konkan railway route with 93 tunnels within the length of 82 km was considered one of the world’s most difficult railway projects. The soft soil of the area also was not in favor of the civil engineers who took up this test but all this was of no consequence in front of the determination and will power of the extraordinary team.

Berdewadi tunnel built in the year 1997 is one of the 93 tunnels present in the Konkan rail route. It connects Goa to the Konkan region. It is located between the Adavali to Vilawade train route in Maharashtra. This 4 km long tunnel is an exciting part of the journey to Goa through the Konkan route. The tunnel is well lilted with proper safety measures taken by the railway authority. While moving through the beautiful curves and the rushing speed with which one enters the tunnel one reminiscences of the same excitement and thrill that was part of our childhood. So if you are looking to plan a trip that would be easy on your pocket and also be good for your soul than this trip is a must.

Featured Photo of ‘Marusagar Exp.’ by Belur Ashok under CC BY 2.0

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