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Mussoorie is always called to be the queen of the hills and the destination truly lives up to the expectation and reputation that too especially of you makes out the trip during the charming non-touristy season. But then again it is also no matter if does so, there still more stuffs which you would take you very much far away from the annoying crowds. We would like to share some hikes and treks around Mussoorie starting from easy till not so easy ones which are the must visit places for the people who love hills and mountains.

Everest House

Not all of them will know about this destination. This house f George Everest is named after whom the Mount Everest was named which is very much nearby Mussoorie. The distance would be around 6 km from Mussoorie howver the place is not in a good condition at present. Despite of the condition it is very much worth watching it.

So as to reach the destination you need to drive down to Mussoorie’s iconic hotel called Cloud’s End by way of a car and then from there you need to walk to attain the house. It is really a picturesque walk and would take around 5 hours to complete.

Bird Sanctuary Trek

Bird Sanctuary photoPhotos by Swaroop C H,

The bird sanctuary that is close to Mussoorie is with no doubt a part of Rajaji National Park and it is the perfect place for both bird lovers as well as Mother Nature lovers. Mostly this place is not packed with tourists and that is the reason it always remains quite and due to that reason it creates easy to also spot birds.

The place would be filled with frequently barking deers at the same time birds flying deep towards the forest. The upper part of the Sanctuary is a hill located that is called as Banog Hill and it could be getting into by a hike.

Kempty waterfall hike

Kempty waterfall photoPhotos by Ashok666,

Most of the entire tourist will visit this place however this destination is somewhat different.

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As an alternative of going down towards the valley from where you could watch the water pouring down, you are advised to pick the opposite direction and walk by way of the stream before it turn into big and drops down from the cliff. It is honestly easy and almost a flat hike and once more not a lot of people know about it, so it is still basically undiscovered.

Aglad river trek

Aglad River is a very much popular for its trouts at the same time it is a great trek to enjoy if you really need to catch your own lunch. It is also said that this area would also celebrate a festival nearby the river trouts while the natives will come and fish together at that occasion.

The hike would be nearly 3 hours long however it is moreover possible to camp in the valley too. Ensure that you pick some guide along with you so he can plan accordingly.

Happy valley hike

Happy valley photoPhotos by BingoBangoGringo,

Happy Valley is the region where Dalai Lama came here and settled first while he came from the place called Tibet. It seems that even today there are a huge number of Tibetan Buddhist populations that exist and flourishes here.

The valley will be very much well connected by way of the road; however the appeal of coming to this place early in the morning over a hike is matchless. The valley is well connected by a road, but the charm of coming here early in the morning over a hike is matchless. The track is not noticeable; on the other hand it is doubtful you would get lost. If concerned, then you ask a native or pick a guide along with you for a safe company.

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve hike

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve said to be the most isolated venture ambiance to guard and save the ecology of the forests all over the place of Mussoorie. You could easily reach the entry of the reserve moreover in a car otherwise by a bus that goes towards Dhanaulti.

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You can notice numerous tracks once would take up such as Rockfall trail, Leopard trail, Ridge trail and Mushroom trail and still there are lots more. Jabarkhet is too famed to witness the exclusive winter link at the region.

Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba photoPhotos by paulhami,

If you feel that the previous mentioned hikes are that much easy and then you are ready to go for Nag Tibba.  It is almost 10,000 feet; Nag Tibba considered to be one among the tallest peak all over there and it is the ideal weekend destination from Mussoorie for the people who love trekking. You must initially drive from Mussoorie towards a village called as drive from Mussoorie where this is the place you need to leave your car. The almost highest point on the trek is the peak herself known as Nag Tibba ‘Jhandi.

You can have more fun in the trek if you stay that night on the hill by way of tents, but then again you are required to have some porters also. The hike would take almost 5 hours and more, in addition to that the peak is reachable all year round however the difficulty level would change accordingly.

 To reach Mussoorie

If you want to reach by roads then Dehradun is very much well connected by means of buses or else you could hire a taxi. You will also find shared cabs going from there.

Dehradun hold a good airport that is associated well with New Delhi as well as the journey takes almost 45 minutes.

Then again you could moreover take a train otherwise a bus from there and this would take you nearly 8-10 hours.

Stay at Mussoorie

Commonly it is said by the tourist that JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa are excellent to lodge and they could organize all of the entire treks that are said above. The guides provided by them are locals who live there and well trained.

Featured Image Photo by paulhami

Thrilling Hikes And Treks Around Mussoorie

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