This Pinjore Travel Guide Mentions Top 5 Places To Visit

Pinjore is a beautiful part of Haryana’s Panchkula district. The overlooking Shivalik regions complement the place with its panoramic mountains! Pinjore is a land of ancient and religious stories! The name has been derived from Panchpura which was the town of Pandavas. The town is located at a proximity to Chandigarh and is over 1,800 ft. above the sea level. While Shivalik is a perfect spot for trekker, Pinjore is known for its diversifying cultural heritage! I is even known for the Pinjore Gardens and Mughals. Your decision to visit Pinjore next time is justifiable, owing to so many travel spot. This is the Pinjore travel guide where you will get a fair idea about the best places to visit here. To know more, read on.

This Pinjore Travel Guide Mentions Top 5 Places to Visit
Photo of ‘Pinjore Garden’ by Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Pinjore Gardens or Yadavindra Gardens

Pinjore City is incomplete with its Pinjore Gardens! It’s seldom that destination which is always a pit stop on the journey to Kasauli’s or Shimla’s cooler climbs. It is considered as a convenient stopping-over spot! Many tourists are still not aware of the significance of this heritage ground. It’s a kind of locale that any Bollywood lover would expect a couple dancing around! However, what attests it to the Mughal roots are the architecture within its complex and the spread of the lawns.

  • Seven Terraces

You might be searching for waterfall near Pinjore, but if you visit here, you would ask for a waterfall in this place. Fountains running the length of the garden are also witnessed from many terraces of the seven levels. If you take a look at the channel of water, you can see the water strolling on terraces in a chronological manner – one level after another! The scenic and beautiful environment enhances with the spanning of the terraces’ carved walls. Walking along those cobbled paths would be an enchanting affair, especially when you are envisioning the fountains’ beauty. So, when you want to know about waterfall near Pinjore, keep in mind that this place is a must-visit!

  • Rang Mahal and Sheesh Mahal

The Royal residence of Mughal Gardens is definitely a bewitching spot to have an encounter with. This place was where women resided during a visit to the garden. From the Sheesh Mahal, the garden view spans throughout from gates to boundary wall. The next level houses the Rang Mahal which happens to be the residence of the Patiala’s Maharaja. This has a wonderful landscape view of orchard and garden surrounding its hill. Under the moonlight, it only gets more spectacular!

  • Pandava Cave

One of Pandava Cave’s ends is in the Solan town. On the contrary, another one happens to be in the Bhima Devi temple complex. According to what it is believed, it happens to be the longest and oldest cave in the mid of a foreboding and dark atmosphere in Himalayan region.

This Pinjore Travel Guide Mentions Top 5 Places to Visit
Photo of ‘Pinjore Gardens – Punjab’ by B Balaji under CC BY 2.0

  • Bhima Devi Temple

The Bhima Devi temple in Pinjore city happens to be the famous place owing to the erotic sculptures. It is located right beside the Pinjore gardens. This temple was constructed between 8th & 11th century AD. As per what has been declared, it is a protected monument under the act 1964. The temple’s ruins have been arranged in an aesthetical manner in the open air pattern. It consists of idols of Gandharvas, Apsaras, gods, goddesses, erotic images, as well as animals. The temple’s most attractive feature is Lord Shiva’s idol.

People speak Punjabi and Hindi in Pinjore. According to Pinjore weather, it is quite moderate. So, the best time to visit here would be, during the end of monsoons when the town gets surrounded by lush green trees and cold atmosphere.

When it comes to peace of mind, a visit to Pinjore is the end of discussion! Since you have already learned about the top attractions and Pinjore weather, you can visit here during the time of monsoon.

Featured Photo of ‘Pinjore Garden’ by Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0

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