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Things That Would Amaze You About South Indian Jewelry

To Indians, jewelry is rooted in all aspects of their traditions, ceremonies, religion, rituals, festivals, and weddings. For South Indians, it’s just the same. They consider jewelry as a treasure to beautify their girls all the more. Addressing South Indian jewelry as ornate wouldn’t be an exaggeration, for their jewelry styles are grandiose, distinctive, and traditional. While gold holds a central significance in jewelry of South India, these also highlight the beauty of pearls, diamonds, and other stones. So, how do these pieces of jewelry appeal to you? Elucidating further, here’s presenting the jewelry that would bring in an interest in you, to own one.

South Indian Jewelry – The best ones to be known

Here’s shedding lights upon the common ornaments of South India for occasions and regular wear, followed by most popular styles of jewelry.

  • Lakshmi Haar

It’s the finely crafted long necklace encrusted with precious jewels. You can also find one of its counterparts from the collections of South Indian imitation jewelry. The original gold piece has elephants and peacocks designs studied gems or stones alongside an engraving of Lakshmi (the goddess), representing prosperity and wealth. You can wear it during wedding ceremonies, pujas, and other festivals. The ones that are made of gold coins are known as Lakshmi Kasu Mala. The demand for this piece is quiet massive in South India, so as its significance.

  • Mango Mala

The next piece is the Mango Mala representing uniqueness. Although it’s authentic, it comes with a lightweight design. You can also find high-embellished heavy versions of this piece of jewelry. They complement your look amazingly with a Kanjeevaram sari. The addition of a Mango-shaped pendant looks amazing. Normally, it’s cabochon ruby or pearl that comes with an intricate pendant right at its center. You can also find one of its counterparts from the collections of South Indian imitation jewelry.

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Things that would amaze about South Indian Jewelry
Photo of ‘transformation’ by Salil Wadhavkar under CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Kasu Mala

Kasu Mala is a traditional ornament that means the gold coin necklace. It’s quite similar to the design of Lakshmi Haar, but is one of its kinds. It’s a mandatory piece of jewelry for the brides. If you are a would-be-bride, you can find a unique piece of Kasu Mala via South Indian bridal jewelry sets online. It comes in a wide range of sizes from lighter to heavy-weight, from smaller to larger sizes. Wearing this piece symbolizes wealth and good luck.

  • Vanki

Vanki is the armlet with a shape of inverted V. It symbolizes strength and is made of gold, rubies, and diamonds. The motifs include images of serpents, elephants, goddesses, peacocks, and more. The origin lies in the worshipping of snakes. Precious stones are even included such as emeralds to decorate Vanki’s top half portion. You can wear it during social ceremonies; religious occasions, and even during the weddings.

  • Kadas (Gajju, Bale, and Valayal)

Kadas are worn alongside red and green bangles. The entire cluster signifies fertility. The unmarried women can also wear kadas but they prefer wearing thinner & lighter ones. The larger kadas come with floral or animal motifs carved upon the chunky gold layers. It might also include rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

  • Jadanagam

Jadanagam is South Indian’s way of flaunting their long, cascade-like hair! No, they certainly don’t prefer open hair. What they prefer braided hair and accessorizing it with Jadanagam – the hair serpent! You can find one via South Indian bridal jewelry sets online and design your braided hair with it that may include sun and moon shaped flowers and use gemstones to cover the length of your hair. That’s what the South Indian people do!

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While you may thing that we missed out describing other significant South Indian jewelry including South Indian jewelry earrings, here’s presenting more of them. The pieces that this guide probably didn’t include are Nethichutti, Suryapirai & Chandrapirai, Oddiyanam, Jhimki, and more. Jhimki deserves a special mention; it holds importance to be favored as authentic South Indian jewelry earrings.

Now that you know the traditional jewelry of South India, you can probably include a few of them to your collections!

Featured Photo of ‘Earring LACMA M.81.7’ by Ashley Van Haeften under CC BY 2.0

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