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Thindi Beedi In Bengaluru – A Eat Street Full Of Street Flavors Of India

A very popular 150-meter-long street in Bengaluru where people come to tease and please their tongue. Well, we are talking about the very famous ‘ thindi beedi ‘ eat in Namma .

Thindi Beedi, Namma Bengaluru’s Popular Eat Street

street food india photo
India – Hyderabad – 142 – neon-colour chaat by mckaysavage under CC BY 2.0

Thindi Beedi is one of the most popular eat street in the city, simply put it is one bustling street is full of scrumptious snacks from the north and south India. As you walk down this eat street, aromas and irresistible flavors of the smoky grill flatters your mind. Hop in with your family, and friends or with your special someone on a perfect Bengaluru weather with some of the most perfect street foods along with tangy sauces, mayonnaise dips and lots more.

This street beings in a whole lot of joy and being here gives a feeling of festivity. It’s a whole lot of variety of dishes in one place, and the remarkable service is something that deserves a whole lot of applause.

Irresistible!!!! Food Here Will Make You Drool

Crisp dosas, buttery-soft idlis, stuffed parathas, spicy Punjabi chaats, Maharashtra special dabelis, Mumbai-style pav bhaji, hot holliges, and gulkund ice-cream, these are just a few delectable dishes to name. One thing I just cannot forget to mention is the juicy and soft Rasgulla chat and the new in town twisted potatoes, these are a must try.

One of the most important things about this eat street is that it is totally wallet-friendly, hence if you are a food lover you don’t need to worry about burning your pockets to satisfy your taste-buds.

Word of caution – during weekend’s this place is like mad. Yes, the street is totally crowded, if too many heads around you – don’t dare to walk in. Also, it is a great place to hang around with friends, and if they are foodies like you, it’s surely a cherry on top. Another advantage of having a friend accompanying you is that it will help you save some money and also the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes will be more.

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Tips To Get Around Thindi Beedi Easily

These tips will help you get around this busy street really easily –

  • Plan with a group of people to visit the street.
  • Evening time this street transforms into a street food superstar. So, it will be the best time to visit the eat street.
  • Don’t expect formal seating arrangements, but be ready to enjoy those smoky flavors while you are standing.
  • If you are driving down with your car, Vehicle parking might be an issue. Look for some cozy streets around to park your vehicle.
  • Carry your own water bottle, it’s not that you won’t get mineral water there you can always buy them, but it’s always a good idea to carry.
  • There are more than 20 plus stalls, so don’t get confused. Take a walk around and then decide what you want to try.
  • Be clean after eating, don’t litter the place use dustbins.

So, if you live in Bengaluru and have never visited this place, or you are someone who’s visiting Bengaluru for a vacation, make sure you plan your visit immediately. There is no better place in the city to enjoy delicious snacks all in one go.

A walk on this street is more of a heritage tour to Indian Street Cuisine. The more walk in the more you will be dragged by its aromatic spices floating in the air. And yes, avoiding this street is surely one tough thing, even a non-foodie person would commit suicide to the mouthwatering flavors.

Don’t wait! Start immediately after reading this. Routes to ‘Thindi Beedi’ will be decided by the aroma in the air. “Happy tongue Happy stomach”

Featured Photo: Street Food by Photographing Travis under CC BY 2.0



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