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On the banks of Periyar, Thekkady preserves Kerala’s most precious wilderness. The Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady has played an important role in the preservation of Indian Tigers. Thekkady is an idyllic location tucked away amidst the forests and mountains of Idukki perfect for a holiday exploring the nature and wilderness of Kerala. Spices, plantations, wildlife, birds, sceneries, and trekking are the main attractions of Thekkady. There’s boating, jungle safari, plantation tours and tiger trails that keep the tourists busy through their stay in Thekkady.

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Photo by Kerala Tourism

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday experience, you will fall in love with the calm and quiet locales where only the birds, insects and the monkeys will disturb your thoughts. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy a week-long holiday lazing in the forest resorts, reading a book and enjoying the flavors of Kerala. Thekkady is also a photographer’s paradise with ample scenic locations and wildlife to capture through the shutterbugs.

Boating on the Periyar Water Reserve

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One of the most popular activities in Thekkady is the hour-long boating in the Periyar Water Reserve. This lets the tourists explore the wide variety of beautiful birds that live in the area. You will see many Kingfishers and other colorful birds during the boating. It is a very popular location for movie shooting also. The Periyar boating tour also lets you explore the wildlife of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary from a safe distance. Many bisons, elephants, and deer can be seen during the boating tour on the banks of the Periyar water reserve for drinking water. It will be an exciting experience of Thekkady.

Tiger Trail

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Best enjoyed with an experienced guide, the Periyar Tiger Trail takes you to the reserved forest area where tigers flourish. Thekkady’s forests are reserved area since they are home to many endangered species of wildlife and birds. Tourists need special written permission from the authorities to explore the forests. Moreover, with elephants and tigers found in the forest frequently, it is best to seek expert guidance as they will know the safest routes. You can trek through the forest and if lucky even spot some tigers and elephants. Make sure you keep a safe distance as these wild beasts can get very aggressive. You can also camp safely and watch the jungle drama unfold deep inside the forest.

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Nature Walk

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If you are not as adventurous to explore the Tiger trails, a tranquil nature walk will be a cherished experience for you. Walk through the less dangerous paths of the forests exploring the beauty of birds, insects and the greenery around you. Plantation tours are also widely enjoyed by the tourists who visit Thekkady. Plantations usually sprawl across acres of hills and valleys intersecting some parts of the reserved forests. You may occasionally come across herds of deer, elephants or some monkeys during nature walks. The spice plantations are definitely something not to be missed while in Thekkady. Don’t miss to buy some fresh spices from the local outlets or the plantation outlets.


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When you have the freshest lot of spices available near you, the cuisine is bound to exploit it. The local cuisine itself is rich in spices, fishes, and meat. Since it is a hill area, you will find a lot of river fishes available in the local cuisine. Idukki has many tribal settlements that are famous for their culinary expertise. You will be able to enjoy some of these in Thekkady also.

thekkadi photoPhoto by green umbrella The only things you need to be careful about are leeches, tigers, elephants, and insects. The area remains wet throughout the year and is abundant with blood-sucking leeches. These leeches are considered medicinal as they are used in treatments to purify the blood. But it can be a problem to the tourists. Carry a pack of common salt to counter the leeches! Once it gets dark, it is best not to wander out as the tigers and elephants may step out of the forest during this time to seek food. It can be very dangerous. Insects are something you cannot do without in the jungle. So come prepared with insect repellent lotions.

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Featured Photo by Kerala Tourism

Thekkady – Exploring The Wilderness Of Kerala

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