The World’s Largest Diamond Hub At Surat, Gujarat

“Diamond”- an astonishing and precious metal, drives everyone crazy with its sparkling glitters. We gaze at the diamond studded pieces of jewellery and ornaments and crave to be draped in one of those. It is a dream of every woman in India. Well, do you know how does the crude metal earns its shimmering brightness? It is the extremely hard work of diamond cutters and polishers to gift us these amazing metal. The best part is, the hub of the activities is present in no other place but in India at Surat in the state of Gujarat.

The major part of the city is flanked with diamond cutting industries and merchants selling exclusive diamond ornaments. The diamond industry of Surat attracts thousands of visitors every year, fascinated by the extraordinary glamour of the city.

The History

The diamond workshops in Gujarat were first started at two places as early as the 1950s, in Surat and Navasari. The diamond cutters and polishers mainly resided in Saurashtra and especially skilled in this job. They have been traditionally trained in the cutting and polishing activities from generations now and renowned in the world for their unique talent.

The key reason for the rising popularity of the diamond industry in Surat is attributed to the increasing demand in the US market starting from the early 1970s to the middle of the 1980s. In recent times the diamond workshops are mainly found in the area of Varachha in Surat. The workshops are majorly owned by the Patel community.

The Diamond Market Value in Surat

A large number of diamonds are exported from India to the International markets. The annual export of diamonds provides earnings of about USD 10 billion. Among the 10 different types of diamonds, about 8 of the varieties are cut and polished in the different workshops in Surat.

The streets of Surat flourish with numerous jewellery shops selling diamond ornaments. The intricate work of the diamond on the necklaces, ear rings, bangles, etc illustrate the amazing talent of the craftsmen and the artisans. The prominent shops of Surat which you can visit to buy diamonds are Hardeep Jewelers, Hira Panna Shopping Mall, Charu Jewels, Rantasagar Jewelers, Diam Jewels.

The Process of Diamond Cutting and Polishing in the Workshops

Diamond cutting and polishing is a niche skill that needs to be adopted and learned. It needs expert knowledge and experience since a small mistake may impact the quality of the diamond. The diamonds are cut either by lasers or by another diamond itself. It is one of the hardest materials in the world which are finely cut and polished into multiple shapes – oval, round, pear, diamond etc.

There are 5 stages of diamond cutting and polishing – planning the shape of the diamond, cleaving the diamond into multiple pieces, mechanical bruting of the rough surfaces into round shapes, polishing and creating the facets of the diamond and inspecting the quality of the diamond to ensure it meets the specifications.

Once the diamonds are cut and polished at the workshops in Surat, they are sent to the gemological labs for obtaining the grading report. The grading report enhances the diamond value and assists and guides buyers. It is very essential to plan the shape of the diamonds and their cutting grade too as both of them determine the export value as well as the profitability.

The diamond cutters and polishers working in the workshops at Surat are extensively trained and educated on the diamond and the stages involved in arriving at the polished material. The material is hard and hence needs extreme caution and expertise while carving out the exact shape required as per the specifications. Since the metal is precious and of high value, it is very essential for the workers to possess appropriate knowledge on performing the cutting and polishing activities. Errors may lead to substantial loss of value affecting the market revenue. Since the quality of the diamond has a direct impact on the exports to the international markets, care and attention are needed while preparing the finished product from the raw material.

Diamond Markets and Shops in Surat

Surat houses a large number of markets and shops selling loose diamonds and diamond ornaments. Diamond merchants, whole sellers, and retailers are present in large numbers in Surat trading and dealing with various customers. It is a common sight in the Surat of shops sparkling with the glittering diamonds alluring interested buyers from different parts of India as well as from abroad. People visiting Surat must not miss visiting the shops selling diamonds as they can avail discounts and check for some amazing curated designed ornaments.

The Essence of the Diamond Hub in Surat

India is proud of hosting the largest diamond hub in the world in Surat. The export value of a diamond is immense which directly impacts the economy of the country. The Hub must be protected by the Government of India as it upholds the country’s talent and unique skill. The earnings received from it both from exports as well as by selling within the country are huge and should not be ignored or neglected. It determines the value of India in the International market. The economical position of India depends a lot on the well-being of the Diamond industry and Surat being its trademark, should be nourished to prevent its downfall.

Featured Photo of ‘spoonful of diamonds……’ by Rolf Dietrich Brecher under CC BY 2.0

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