The Vividly Amazing Thachi Valley In Himachal Pradesh

Visiting prominent travel destinations is a common phenomenon in all bucket lists. But exploring the offbeat places is a desire and passion for enthusiastic wanderlusts. Discovering the secrets and mysteries concealed within such sights is a thrill in itself. in Himachal Pradesh remains uninvaded from the crowded city life, hidden inside a wondrous landscape.

The valley is a serene hamlet, vividly encompassed by majestic mountains, green meadows, deep gorges, gushing waterfalls and meandering streams. Orchards and numerous plantations enhance the exquisite flora of the place. The vast picturesque scenery adorning the Thachi valley has earned it as a preferred weekend getaway for locals and tourists.

The Enigmatic Beauty of the Valley

Stretches of greenery entertain you as you approach towards the panoramic landscape of the valley. You will be astonished by nature’s exotic treasure trove nestled amid the enormous mountain ranges. The ripened smell of the apple trees greet you into its lust. The view of sprawling cedar and the pine trees is mesmerizing. You must not miss walking in between the forests to enjoy the mystic beauty of the place to its fullest. The chirping sounds of the birds entertain the ears, soothing experience for the human soul. The blooming vibrant wild flowers scattered throughout the valley, magnify its captivating charm. Relaxing in its core is a delight for nature admirers.

Trekking through the Thachi Valley

The best way to discover the stunning atmosphere of Thachi valley is trekking along the forest trails. Exquisite and gorgeous scenery entertain the trekkers at every moment. As you traverse along the trails, the rays of the sun peeping through the tree leaves welcome you through their golden sparkles. The balmy breeze is a solace to the human heart and mind.

The normal trek starts the homestays, located in the Thachi Valley. The valley is situated at a height of 2000 meters from the sea level. It’s a one day trek that ends at the Hadimba temple, travelling distance being 12 km back and forth.

You can spot small ponds, temples and huts along the trekking route. The entire area resembles a fairy land, a down memory lane to our childhood days. The peace prevailing in the valley is a solace for the human heart. The surreal calm rejuvenates the mind, as you breathe in the cool fresh air.

Experiencing the Divine and Rustic Charm of the Temples in the valley

The Thachi Valley has no dearth of attractions. Side by side with its exclusive natural beauty, you will experience the divine temples proclaiming their old rustic charm. The temples fall along the trekking trail of the valley. You will first come across the beautiful Pundrik Rishi temple. Situated in the middle of lush green surroundings, it is fascinating to observe the intrinsic wooden carvings on the walls.

The next temple is quite big, comprising of multiple structures. Known as the Bithu Narayan temple, it is considered as one of the sacred shrine by the locals. The key feature of the temple is the statue of Lord Vishnu, sculptured in wood with 11 heads. The view from the temple is pleasant and charming, overlooking the magnificent valley.

The end point of the trek is at the temple. Worshipped as the forest goddess, the locals seek her blessings for their goodwill and safety. The temple is perched at the top of a hillock, offering astounding views of the green valley.

A Memorable Experience

Thachi Valley is a wonderland, offering the best views of nature into its spectacular escapade. The summers are stunning, lustrous with the terraced farmlands and the waterfalls. It transforms into a paradise during the winters, capped with layers of white snowy carpet. You can observe the scintillating beauty of Mother Nature, a place of ultimate solitude.

Conveyance to the place is easy and convenient. You can either reach the Shimla airport or the Joginder Nagar railway station. Buses are available in plenty. You can even hire a cab from airport, railway station or even different parts of Himachal Pradesh.

The eccentric beauty of the valley is unparalleled and limitless. The offbeat destination must be included in your Himachal itinerary. It will not only leave a trail of memory behind you, but entice you to visit again and again.

Featured Photo of ‘Key to Happiness’ by Binny V A under CC BY-SA 2.0

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