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IndiaVivid – a “celebration of India” was started in August 2015 by Santo with a desire to showcase India. IndiaVivid is an initiative of ReeSaa Pvt. Ltd. (reesaa.com) What started of as a desire is a passion to learn n share: learn more about the uniqueness that this magnificent country provides and share the vivid nature of India. Come and join me in this journey. Lets celebrate India.

IndiaVivid is brought to you by a team of contributors across the varied parts of the world. If you are interested in contributing, you can login/register.

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IndiaVivid wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of friends, freelance authors and contributors and we acknowledge their contribution in the journey of Discovering, Sharing  and Celebrating India

Virendra Verma

He loves traveling and clicking photos around, which he find aplenty in India.

Virendra considers IndiaVivid a great platform to showcase the colours and diversity of India.

You can reach out to Virendra here. Explore Viren’s Contributions.

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Sayan Roy

SayanA Musafir (traveller) at heart, art loving & literature-buff hailing from the City of Joy is Sayan. Part-time freelancer, full-time poet, Sayan presents you the beauty of my motherland in the most innovative way possible.

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Sharmistha K

Sharmistha K

A management professional experience in the corporate as well as the development sector, Sharmistha has studied at the Mumbai University and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. She has worked for and wrote in Channel Y, a former youth tabloid of the Indian Express group of publications in the late nineties. Sharmistha lives in Mumbai with her husband and twin sons.

Sharmistha has  published a book of poetry, ‘Selected poems by Sharmistha Khobragade’ through Writers Workshop in 2010. Her articles have been published in the Hindustan Times, Sunday Guardian, Rediff.com and First Post. Besides writing, she likes reading, traveling, music and films.

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Quiet, reflective, introspective are the best ways to describe her. With a degree in Geography and work experience in the geo and mapping sector, Tasneem enjoys to spend time with nature and go for unplanned adventures. Reading and writing are her favorite things to do, besides watching movies and gorging on street food. Though a resident of Chennai, she feels she visits all those places that she writes and reads about.


Vidya is a full-time Freelance Writer and Blogger. Vidya loves and is passionate about it. Vidya has been featured as the editor in magazines like “Swagger Magazine” and “Disruptgear”.  Vidya hails from Chennai, India.  Vidya has travelled many tourist destinations and is very much inclined to share her travel experience with everyone.  Vidya also runs her own blog where she shares info covering topics about Beauty Tips, Health Advice, Food Recipes, Travel Destination, Entertainment Media and so on..


Fariha is currently studying Textile Engineering with major in Dyeing. She has been writing for over 2 years on different niches like travel, technology, culture, fashion & styles, family and many more. She likes listening to songs, writing on interesting topics and trying different foods that make her life.


Lakshmi loves to explore, experience, experiment and write about all little things that tickles her fancy. Lax, as she is known by few has been a communication professional for more than a decade.

After quitting her full time job she has moved into part-time work that gives her the freedom and time to pursue interests in travelling, reading, gardening, cooking and few other things. Lax would love to explore new avenues; and would love to believe that she is making a difference.

You can follow Lakshmi here.

Explore Lakshmi’s contributions.

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Sharmistha Biswas

SharmisthaA dreamer, a go-getter & a strong personality. Sharmistha enjoys traveling, photography and writing her experiences of meeting new people and about the places she has explored.

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Meghna Gupta

Meghna is HR professional with around 5 years of experience in Admin and HR. She has a very simple style of writing; this is one reason why her work reaches easily to different types of people. Apart from writing she loves to shop – be it real or window she can spend hours shopping :).

Currently she is a stay home mom and loves to spend time with her little one. Meghna is very passionate about writing, this is one reason she always finds time to pen down her thoughts into beautiful words. She is a multi-tasker, this one quality helps her to manage both her jobs pretty well, i.e. to take care of her little one as well as create quality content for IndiaVivid

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Akshita Akshita is pursuing post graduation in Journalism and Mass Comm from Xavier’s, Mumbai. Akshita resides in Mumbai and loves to talk about her experience in Mumbai and surroundings. While pursuing studies, Akshita still finds out time for her passion – writing.


Vivek Yadav is a freelance-based writer with a breadth of broad topics. Cue that only when he’s free from his sports fanatics. Damn, he loves football and cricket.  He’s never likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize, cuz he breeds violence playing Call of Duty games. Stepping aside, he does hold a penchant for literature, though.

Other Contributors:

Aisha | Abha | Aditi | Debayan |  | Aparna | Modhumita | Ramaa | Samrita | Sreya | Zenia | Rajni | Prasanna | GC Prasad | Punit | Sunia

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