The Street Market Of The World-Famous Jagdish Temple In Udaipur

Rajasthan, this name gives us the royal field and remind us of the brave Kings and Queens of Rajput families. The most beautiful thing about Rajasthan is that people over there have still managed to maintain their traditional culture. This is the reason that visitors from all over India and outside India love to visit Rajasthan. The ravishing Palaces, heritage buildings, beautiful lakes, etc. are the primary spot for tourist. Other than these, the state does have a lot of religious temples. The design and architecture of every building and temples show the love of the people with their culture and tradition. Everything is designed attractively to teach the art of Rajasthan. Even the artwork on the old palaces will still take your heart away. You will find this tourist spot in every city of Rajasthan. One of such major city attracting several tourists every year is Udaipur.

Udaipur, The City of Lakes, has managed to increase the no. of visitors every year by the beautiful lakes and palaces. Udaipur has a no. of a tourist spot. But the main center of attraction in Udaipur is the handcrafted materials made by craftsmen. People from far do come to visit Udaipur, especially to see the art and craft. One more critical consideration is the street shopping. Street shopping of Udaipur is famous worldwide. You will get almost everything and that too hand made by the craftsmen. Their hard work could be seen in the products. Such a job of dedication. One of the critical markets of Udaipur is the Jagdish Temple Street. The street shopping market surrounds the famous Jagdish temple.

Location: The market is on the streets of the world-famous Jagdish temple. Tourists do give their necessary visit to this temple and hence do shopping from the roads. This temple is near to the City Palace of Udaipur. You can use public transport to reach the temple and therefore the market.

Significance: The temple itself has great importance and significance. People visit here through different coordinates in the world to worship the Gods. The location of this shopping market is quite apt as the devotees who will visit the temple will surely go to the market.

  • This street has a great variety of camel leather journals. The quality of these is so good that you cannot hold yourself from buying one.
  • Camel leather bags, wallets, and shoes are also there. You will get a lot of variety of designs and sizes.
  • The street does have dairy shops, which are very famous in the whole Rajasthan.
  • You will find various art galleries here. They have beautiful handmade paintings of the traditional folks of Rajasthan.
  • Other than these, you will get excellent quality home décor items. These usually are made up of wood, and the craftwork is very surprising. Wooden home and kitchen décor items are the pride of this market. These can also be a good gifting option.
  • Also, you will see wooden toys. You have commonly seen plastic ones, but these wooden ones are so amazing, buy one for your children for their memorable visit to Udaipur.
  • The puppet show is also organized in the market for the entertainment of the tourists. These puppets are usually dressed in traditional Rajasthani clothing. The female with a ghagra choli and men in a turban, dhoti kurta. You can even buy these puppets for your home décor or your children.

The market remains crowdy for the whole day. But remember that it is closed on Sundays. But you can go to the market on other days between 10 am to 8 pm. 

Featured Photo of ‘Jagdish Temple, Udaipur’ by Dan under CC BY-SA 2.0

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