The Serene Chambal Garden In Kota, Rajasthan

Kota in Rajasthan is a beautiful town boasting of scenic tourist spots and ancient historical buildings. One such spectacular sightseeing destination is the Chambal Garden. The garden is very popular among the tourists as a picnic spot and a perfect weekend getaway with family and friends. It is a pleasant escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Located on the banks of the River Chambal in Amar Niwas, Chambal Garden is an alluring tourist spot welcoming nature admirers from different parts of Rajasthan as well as from other parts of India. The garden is well maintained and preserved, adorned with small shrubs, tall trees and colourful flower beds. The neatly arranged pathways provide a comfortable stroll across the garden.

The Scenic Beauty of the Garden

The serenity and tranquillity prevailing in the garden is enchanting, attracting you to return back to this wondrous place again and again. Spring in the middle of the garden, enhance the beauty of the place further by its sprinkling waters. It’s wonderful to walk beside the spring side and enjoy the soothing breeze of the cool spring waters. A sparkling pond inside the park is also another attractive place to stroll around for the guests. It is heavenly to watch the blue waters of the pond glittering under the golden rays of the setting sun.

The entire garden area blooms with lush greenery and vibrant flowers. Wandering in between the trees and plants is heavenly and blissful. Both kids and adults can spend an entertaining and fun-filled day inside the park with the chirping birds and charming landscape. You can walk across the suspension bridge and click some selfies or group photos with your loved ones at the backdrop of the splendid garden views.

Key Things to enjoy at the Garden

A special separate area is preserved for the kids inside the garden. It’s a playground with different kinds of rides for the little ones to play and enjoy. There are swings, slides and other small kiddie rides spread across the playground. The parents can sit on the green grass while watching their kids enjoy the rides and play different kinds of games.

A toy train circles around the garden at pre-defined intervals for a complete view of the beautiful landscape. You can hop on it and enjoy a leisurely ride amid the mystic natural flora. The kids especially love the train and you can hear squeals of laughter as they crowd around to board the joyous ride.

Boating in the pond is another lively experience for visitors of all generations. The charges are nominal, offering you a cool ride across the pond encircled by the enigmatic beauty of the garden.

A unique attraction inside the park is the crocodile pond. You can watch the reptiles in their natural habitat with some of them resting at the banks of the pond and some inside the water. The suspension bridge is present just above the pond, allowing the visitors to stand and observe the alligators. It is a different experience, very rare in Rajasthan.

The Best Time to visit

The best time of the year to visit the Chambal Garden is during the winter season from October till February. The weather remains pleasant and charming, perfect for enjoying the beauty of the garden. The mornings and the evenings are the ideal times to visit the garden with the temperature being moderate and cool.

How to reach the Garden?

If you are travelling by air, then the nearest airport is at Jaipur, Sanganer Airport. The airport is about 245 km away from the garden, connected by buses and cabs. For people travelling by rail, the nearest railway station is Kota Junction. The station is located at a distance of 7.5 km away from the place and can be reached by intercity buses, autorickshaws and cabs. The nearest bus station is Kota, situated near to the garden at a distance of 2km away.

Chambal Garden remains open all days of the week from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM. There are no entry fees, only you need to pay an additional amount for boat rides.

The garden is a photographer’s paradise, enticing delightful clicks of nature’s astonishing and charming beauty. The place is a must visit and inclusion in the bucket list for Kota.

Featured Photo of ‘Chambal Gardens, Kota, Rajasthan, INDIA’ by Bernard DUPONT under CC BY-SA 2.0

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